Tea in Coolidge Park

Chattarati has a small photo gallery. I like the No VAT sign. And I’m glad the Dirty F-in’ Hippies in the very first photo made their way out, too. As a result, we had both flavors of populist outrage on display in our little city. [...]

My Tax Protest

So far, my federal taxes are slightly down again this year – reflected in a small decrease in federal withholding on my pay stubs starting a few weeks ago. And, I’m not incensed that Roger’s taxes are going up by 3%, and neither is he. So, I guess I won’t be going to the [...]

Wrong Way

I guess it’s reasons like this that budgets are hard to balance, but I think this is step in the wrong direction.

If this is really the problem:

Right now, if a middle class family donates a dollar to their favorite charity, they get a 15-cent deduction, but Warren Buffet and Bill Gates make the same donation and [...]