On the other hand

Maybe the Healthcare ummmm… readjustment… bill is less bad than I thought. I don’t know. I’m certainly not excited about it, in any case. I guess we’ll see if it becomes a third rail of politics or if it gets repealed next time the GOP gets a 51 vote majority. And then we still won’t [...]

Worst possible outcome

I haven’t followed the HRC debate very closely… but I have kept a peek with one eye.

From what I can tell I’m with Howard Dean – kill this bill. Industry is the only big winner. While on paper it may lead to more people being insured, it looks like it will also lead [...]

Don’t Ration Me

I think we should have some kind of grassroots uprising to speak out against healthcare rationing. The spontaneouser [...]


I think one reason that the notion that you’ll spend your life on a waiting list under universal health care in the U.S. is that it appeals to experience we have all had. Not all of us. From adulthood until I was about 30, I never had any interaction with the health-care industry at all. In [...]

Good Questions. No, Really…

LGF has decided to bring some sanity to the health care debate… By composing (and hopefully eventually asking) good questions on the issue. Better questions than the one you’ll see from me in a few hours (stay tuned)… I almost hate to see this, because I fear our politicians are not prepared to actually answer [...]

Is there anything in this bill that can maybe keep me from dying?

That was the line that cracked me up… via Cole, who deserves an Amen and Hallelujah chorus for his assessment that this is how you do things in civil society (my words, his thoughts).

Virginia-5 – my hat is off to [...]

Crazy Pool Winner

Alright – every one that bet on “It’s already happened, you idiot”, come collect your prize. You can also have the 2:1 payout on the Not Michelle Bachman… as far as I know the only nationally elected official to advance the euthanasia trope in July was Virginia Foxx of NC:

So Kudos to Rep. Fox for [...]

Vicious New Talking Point

The short form of the new, revoltingly vituperous talking point, and a response to it is here. However, this is just a small part of appears to be a large scale coordinated message campaign.

Fred Thompson hosted a much longer session of … what do you call it when distortion follows insinuation follows [...]

Blue Dogs & Healthcare

Jlue points us to an e-mail address that (I assume) will reach the members of the “blue dog” caucus of congressional democrats:

I’m assuming that Mike Ross is included on the list that will receive communications through this address.

So, if you are interested in the healthcare debate, and hope to influence a caucus that [...]