Evolving in Monkey Town

I guess I’ll have to subscribe to the blog until I can get around to the book, but June Griffin makes her first appearance in Chapter 2, so it is going to have to be read.

So… anyway… I’m looking forward to it. I imagine other Eastern Tennesseans will enjoy it as well. Matter of fact, [...]

Richards Dawkins is an Accommodationist, but Richard Dawkins is not an Accommodationist

I noticed Chris Mooney’s enthusiastic post earlier this week where he relayed some Accommodationist sounding words from Richard Dawkins. I expected that it would draw some return fire, and now it has.

See, Dawkins made these statements that express one of the important notions of accommodationism:
No, I don’t think they’re incompatible if only because there are many [...]


Another biology blog on religion… but at least he’s [...]

Acommodation vs. appeasement


This post by anti-accomodationist Jerry Coyne deserves an answer. But, I gave that answer as a comment on this post by anti-accomodationist Larry Moran. I’ll summarize what I said there:

I see no reason to think it impossible for some people to accept one class of ideas only with evidence, and another class of ideas [...]


Ok – I’m all for compatibilism. I’m all for using analogies from other realms of experience such as art to explain compartmentalization of science and religion.

But a million dollar prize for recognizing that science can’t “fully understand” nature, and for asserting that underlying realities can be “glimpsed” through art, and presumably understood through religion is, [...]