Egg, Meet Face

If you enjoy the gallows humor, then the last few days since it was revealed that AIG is paying big bonuses to the managers that ran their business into the ground have probably been a real laugh riot for you.

Personally, I think that Dodd, Geithner & Obama deserve every bit of egg they get on their [...]

Full Circle (Meet the New Boss)

Back in 2000, I remember going along (thoughtlessly) with the line that there wasn’t a hair’s breadth between the two American political parties, and that it didn’t matter much who you voted for.

When GWB started his campaign of crap in 2002, I thought of it as just “to be expected” from our government – no more, [...]

Embryonic Adoption

RNC Chair Michael Steele is far from alone in the Republican Party among those who believe in promoting embryonic adoption.

We live in a nation where each year there are an average of about 500,000 children living in foster care, including 130,000 who are needing adoption.

Former foster children, by some accounts, make up 30 percent of the [...]

Wrong Way

I guess it’s reasons like this that budgets are hard to balance, but I think this is step in the wrong direction.

If this is really the problem:

Right now, if a middle class family donates a dollar to their favorite charity, they get a 15-cent deduction, but Warren Buffet and Bill Gates make the same donation and [...]

Belated NSOTU NPost says he got some stuff wrong… but looking at it, it’s nothing terrible. Certainly doesn’t approach the sixteen word world record for wrongness in a SOTU.

I didn’t watch. I followed NPR’s tweets for a while before I turned in. So not much else from me. I hear Bobby J. didn’t thrill [...]