How about that Crompton?

What a helluva QB we’ve got!

I mean, he hit every reciever he threw to…its just Lane Kiffin’s fault that Crompton didnt know to hit the Orange instead of the White.

I might have to double check but I  think Crompton threw for more UCLA yardage than their own freshman QB.

Forget about being ranked! This was a “must [...]

Caesaropapism Rampant

Americans are said to be cynical about politics. Actually, they are presidential romantics. Which is why they suffer serial disappointments.

The next President, whomever it may be, will not disappoint me. I will not allow it. I have had enough disappointments for the last 8 years to last me two more lifetimes.

I vow to expect nothing and [...]

Iron Man

Well, that seems to be what is in the media today. I would personally love to see the movie because I was a Marvel comics fanatic when I was a kid (no, …not DC…Marvel)

I am not going to talk about Tony Stark though…I am going to talk about the Iron Man record held by Cal Ripken [...]

Classy Insults

Some folks just really had a way with words.

My favorite

 ”He has Van Gogh’s ear [...]

Quote of the Season

“Watching the guys on ESPN is like watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy discussing Will and Grace episodes.”

In [...]

What Haggard Means

My own initial reaction, and probably a lot of political liberals, to the troubles of Ted Haggard, included at least a small sense of schadenfreude. But the matter is bigger than politics, bigger than religion.

I mostly sat on my hands and wondered to myself how the fundamentalist right would react. While I was doing [...]

Nice Quote; Neat book

Just added this one to the list of random quotes that appears in the banner up top (does anyone read those?)

It is an excellent rule to be observed in all disputes that men should give soft words and hard arguments; that they would not so much strive to vex, as to convince an enemy.

-John Wilkins

I found [...]