A Soldier’s War Experience

A friend of mine just gave me a copy of this poem

She went to the funeral of a veteran yesterday and this poem was read during the service.

Maybe this is something that gets read at a lot of funerals for soldiers and veterans but I had never heard it and I have been to quite a [...]

Bhutto on Obama in Pakistan

She has a lot to say, and I think it would pay to listen to her.

But [laughs] I think I would want to make clear to him that he’s opened a third front in my country. By allying America with this government, he has furthered the cause of the Pakistani Taliban so immensely, so immensely. [...]

Pax Moderna

Steven Pinker says we are living in increasingly peaceable times, despite some perceptions to the contrary. Who’d a thunk it. Warning – Libertarians will not like this [...]

The General Says “Meet the New Boss”

And says it so much better than I can.

Followers of a cult of personality will allow their leader to get away with almost anything; believers in justice and basic legal principles will remain loyal to those principles first, not to any individual politicians.

Our lives, property, and liberty are best secured through the existence of strong laws [...]

Hilarious, except for the stakes…

If he wasn’t going to be the next President, this McCain gaffe would be absolutely the most hysterical campaign mistake I can remember. This coming from a candidate for President of the United States, or in the new parlance, Commander in Chief. The sole executor and protector of national security. This is a level [...]

Winning in Afghanistan

Give that guy [...]


…but they couldn’t have done it on their own. They needed a compliant press to pass on their propaganda as news and cheer them on.

That’s from Chapter 1 of the internet broadcast, and a real gem. I’ve only watched part, and so far much more impressed with Chapter 2 than anything besides that quote [...]

Evil in the Islamic World

The reason I rarely post about stuff like this is that so many people write about these things with the attitude that they should justify a show-down at high noon. That because of these things, a hard-line approach, with the tacit hope for military aggression, is eminently justified. I don’t wish to be perceived [...]

We Did This To Ourselves

The Concern Trolls at RedState:

Instead of trying to play reasonable, you decided to pee in the man’s cornflakes. You pissed him off and he now has your precious policy by the short hairs.

What could we have been thinking? Instead of reasonably genuflecting to Lieberman as he went on Fox News and called Democrats traitorous for [...]


It’s been said before & it’s been said better. All the guys who were so famously and cripplingly wrong about Iraq on so many different points – they are still the ones calling the shots. They – President included – are the ones favoring a “Surge” of troops, in opposition to the Joint Chiefs, the [...]