That Which Binds

Doug Muder in UU World magazine… I read this over and mulled it over several times before deciding that, while it is a thought provoking discussion, I’m afraid it misses the point.

Religious liberals may (or may not!) be better than either hard-core atheists or fundamentalist believers at gauging the proper importance of a “belief system” in [...]

Universalism and the Problem of Evil

This quote sums up one ideal. Universalism sums up the Heavenly optimism possible under Christianity. The doctrine of eternal damnation sums up its hellish underbelly. Since the southerners amongst you are already quite familiar with the latter, I’ll include the former quote:

Universalism as hitherto expounded and applied is without doubt incomplete and faulty. It [...]

Universalism – the Orthodoxy that Wasn’t

“It has been remarked that Christians, of whatever creed, have hope in the death of their children. However tenacious they may be of a narrow and rigid creed which consign an uncoverted child to the regions of hopeless despair, yet when that unconverted though dearly loved one, without leaving any evidence of a saving change, [...]

Death Penalty, in Three Parts

Part I:
Watch the video if you care to. Short version – 7 of 9 witnesses have recanted their stories. Evidence ties one of the remaining two witnesses to the crime. No physical evidence ties Troy Davis to it.

Then, if you do nothing else, at least send a letter to Sonny Perdue using AI’s astroturf tool. [...]

Relation versus Belief

I suppose it will be a recurring theme of any Unitarian Universalist’s blog, just as it is a recurring theme of any Unitarian Universalists conversations, to discuss what “Unitarians believe”, “why go to church if you don’t believe in God”, and other such questions that make perfect sense if your only experience of church and religion [...]


Sunday – 9:30 – Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga

The book is Job, and I’ve gotta say I’m terribly excited about it. I hope anyone from the area who can make it to this session of Rediscovering the Bible, will make it. Those who can’t, religious or no, I hope you’ll take a while and re-read this [...]

Bible class etc.,

I’ve been way out of the loop the last week or two. Last week was a vacation from work, but with two dentist visits, a trip to the DMV and a host of other little errands, it didn’t seem much like a vacation at all. We did round everybody up for a trip to [...]

Weekend Update

As promised, here I am, back again this Monday. I’m afraid this will mostly be all about me, and my weekend, and I honestly can’t blame you if you don’t care. I mainly only care about my own. I will say, before I insist my feelings won’t be hurt if you navigate away to something [...]

CQ on Flynt on Falwell (politics v. humanity)

Ed M. at Captain’s Quarters uses the personal relationship between Larry Flynt and Jerry Falwell as a jumping off point for a brief note about seeing the humanity in your political enemies and behaving in a manner consistent with that practice.

A brief note: I added Captain’s Quarters to my RSS feeds just so I could take [...]

Religion ≠ Belief

Dan Harper briefly addresses what I think is among the more pivotal points about religion in the context of debate about its value, here… namely, that religion doesn’t necessarily mean “belief” (about God, the supernatural, etc… or about objective reality at all, per se).

In fact, I think that one of the tasks religion is most poorly [...]