A good friend is doing it. So are a couple of acquaintances.  But me, I wouldn’t do census work. As Doug points out, this is not about following the lead of Erick Erickson , himself as far as we know a chicken hawk in the global war against part-time [...]

Selected Boogers Digest

Did I mention that these things pile up? Fast? No room to catch up all the boogers since a week ago, but some favorites follow:

Synthetic Genome+Natural Cell=New Life? | The Loom | Discover Magazine from

(Answer: not really… but an interesting release nonetheless.  And complete with a bunch of good links to Zimmer’s fantastic writing on [...]

Boogers Digest (Thursday)

These things pile up super quick.

Outrageous Outrage of the Day!
from Little Green Footballs

This is a case in point on the politics makes you dumb front.

NYU Students Raise More than $100,000 to Build Facebook…
from Mashable!

Via someone I follow on Google Reader. There’s a high probability I will dump Facebook for the new platform if it pans out [...]

Boogers Digest

My intention is/was to add a new Booger digest as soon as the last link scrolled off the page from the previous digest.  So RSS/facebook readers would still have a chance at the links.  I’ve been derelict, but I hope to do better.  Here’s the current batch.

Turley on Kagan
from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

I lean toward Turley’s [...]

History, not politics

Seriously… Yes there are political lessons for today in this, but I don’t wish to draw them out so much as to clarify the past. In part because of today’s political climate, people have forgotten what socialism is. In part because of forgetting what socialism is, people have forgotten what capitalism is. A clear-eyed look [...]

This Happened Yesterday

Papaw smijer is now papaw smijer twice [...]

Booger Digest

For those who don’t click through…  And to archive… And because I don’t have enough original thoughts to post of my own.

Who Wants to be A Millionaire

From onegoodmove

(He Means “Beat”)

Where does oil come from?

From Boing Boing

Whistling Dixie

From Balloon Juice

Whatever DougJ is doing, I’m not casting aspersions. Just highlighting the money quote which is certainly being ironic [...]

… Doomed to repeat it

Nothing new under [...]


You decide how apt…

If Corporations are persons, as the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed, then Democratic and Republican law-makers are perhaps best seen as dogs and cats. Certainly there is animosity between them, but they both have the same masters.

Some of these pets are well behaved and serve their masters well. Some [...]

Baseball approaches

I see Jadarm is all excited about baseball season. As for me I am still chin deep in March madness. I intend to spend tonight with Papaw watching Tennessee try to work their way into the Elite 8. And as far as tournament brackets go I think this year I hit my all time bottom as [...]