I try to be understanding

But come on man.

You are the athletic director at a major college that tries to impress upon young people the importance of being half way sane.  And you somehow make the determination that it is okay to drink and drive?

There are no words to describe how much this pisses me off.

Brother you don’t even have half a [...]


As most of you guys know, I am a Vols fan first, …and an SEC fan second.

…and it looks like its panning out to be a good day for the SEC.

The Gators, led by semi-retired, vacationing, LOA taking, lucky as hell Urban Meyer are first in the nation right now via grabbing 4 of the nation’s [...]

Will the world ever witness another Roger Federer?

Good grief!

At age 28 he is still ranked #1 in the world (237 consecutive weeks) with 16 Grand Slam titles!!!

Federer vs. Nadal…makes me kind of reminisce about the good ol’ days of Johnny Mac and Jimmy Connors. (check out the high dollar wooden rackets!)

Nadal is probably as good an athlete as I have ever seen, …he [...]

Extra Extra: Read all about it! Derek Dooley to be new coach at UT!

Kinda weird, seeing that Hamilton is still supposed to interview another candidate, Kippy Brown, at 13:00 EST today.

Sorry for Kippy, I actually like the guy.

Dooley doesn’t really have that much of a resume’ tho’ he does have ties to Nick Saban.

If I got Saban’s autograph once, …does that mean I could be in contention for the [...]

Congratulations Volunteers

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it is Tuesday and ya’ll kicked our asses on Saturday and that this is a little bit late but folks it has been a hard pill to swallow.

Not the fact that you beat us. It is the humiliating way we were beaten.

I was not surprised by the loss. Up until game [...]

With batting and pitching, the follow-through is everything

I hope jadarm will forgive me for this post… It’s just that I have a thing about trying to remember to check predictions… What good are predictions that nobody ever checks? I don’t think jadarm did badly… and he offered plenty of qualifications for that 92 wins for the Braves quasi-prediction. He told me in [...]

Hang on Jonathan Crompton

I know you guys are sick of Crompton but if he can hang on to the starting job until Tennessee plays Georgia he will have a chance at setting a new Tennessee passing record for yards in a game.

The Georgia defense is Grade AAA suck.

I asked my brother before the game if he thought Arkansas would [...]

The Shittiest Call Ever Made By An NFL Official

Well, I guess it would be debatable whether or not this is the shittiest call ever made by an NFL official because they have made some doozies but it has to rank right up there with the worst of them.

Judge for yourselves

What kills me is that the league is still defending this call.

Thankfully I am not [...]

How about that Crompton?

What a helluva QB we’ve got!

I mean, he hit every reciever he threw to…its just Lane Kiffin’s fault that Crompton didnt know to hit the Orange instead of the White.

I might have to double check but I  think Crompton threw for more UCLA yardage than their own freshman QB.

Forget about being ranked! This was a “must [...]

Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

World being the key word here folks.

I am going to just throw some names out:

T.O.  (Terrell Owens)

Chad Ochocinco

Bill Belichick

Barry U.S. Bonds

Mike Tyson

Jeff Kent


Roger Clemens (Remember Piazza?)

Pete Rose

Steve Spurrier (Yes, he was in the NFL and ran up the score when he could, he ultimately paid the price for his actions.)

Scott Boras

Kobe Bryant

Michael Vick

Bill Romanowski

David Beckham

Jim Rome

…This is pretty much what I came up with, I am going to do my best to list them, in my opinion, from worst (10) to worst-EST (1).

Here is my top 10:

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