Confirmation Bias

All of us who read & write primarily in the non-scientific sub-spheres of the blogosphere are likely frequent victims of confirmation bias*… and when the subjects are veering more toward politics, the effect is likely enhanced.

This almost went in with the eye boogers – where, if you’re reading, you may have noticed that [...]

Creativity: the eyes have it

The only reason I comment on this story about a correlation between horizontal eye exercises and increased creativity … is that I wonder if I have inadvertently gotten a hand up from the effect. About a year ago, I got a second monitor to extend the desktop on my computer at work. I am frequently [...]


For students of human behavior and its relationship to politics, this is absolutely unsurprising.

The findings indicate that male voters exhibit biological responses to the realignment of a country’s dominance hierarchy as if they participated in an interpersonal [...]

Silly Science

This is a fun article, if you bear in mind that it’s probably very silly. The LHC is something else, if evidenced only by the fact that it can elicit silliness like this from some pretty serious [...]

Richards Dawkins is an Accommodationist, but Richard Dawkins is not an Accommodationist

I noticed Chris Mooney’s enthusiastic post earlier this week where he relayed some Accommodationist sounding words from Richard Dawkins. I expected that it would draw some return fire, and now it has.

See, Dawkins made these statements that express one of the important notions of accommodationism:
No, I don’t think they’re incompatible if only because there are many [...]

Bleg for feedback

Ok… I’m not taking the day all the way off today. I’m going to ask for some feedback. This Sunday, I’m to be leading the religious education group for teens at church. We have a great curriculum this year, but no lesson plan for this Sunday. I’m supposed to bring my own topic. [...]

Trivia Quiz

Science Trivia. Meaningless, but fun – especially when you get a 100 like I did.

My opportunity to kibitz on the subject yet again… : Science, unlike many forms of “common sense” is a cultural tool. In other words, we don’t naturally learn the rules of science as part of our development process. [...]


Another search is on for a supposed bipedal ape in Indonesia. The science geek in me hopes that it is found this time. The little guy who sits on my left shoulder and reminds me not to have road rage hopes that it isn’t… or at least if it is, specimens aren’t brought into long-term captivity [...]

Brain systems named appropriately, but inappropriately

If all you get out of this Cory Doctorow book review is that our brains have a system inside of them named “Oh Sh–! Circuit” (don’t blame us – that’s just what they’re named)… then at least you got a good chuckle. But it’s so much better for anyone who is interested in moving brain [...]

Sloppy Thinking

As promised, not a criticism of the right… And, not my own. Just an illustration of the kind of thinking that leads one down a dead-end alley and holds one there permanently. Illustrated beautifully in the words of James McGrath.

In brief:

(1) Both show a lack of familiarity with the basic data in a [...]