Video Game School

I will lay odds that this, or something substantially like, it will soon revolutionize education worldwide. Ummm, I’d like to add another 500 words to fill out this endorsement, but just read the NPR article (and/or listen to it). I’ve seen the power of video games – first hand, and a very close second hand [...]

Evolving in Monkey Town

I guess I’ll have to subscribe to the blog until I can get around to the book, but June Griffin makes her first appearance in Chapter 2, so it is going to have to be read.

So… anyway… I’m looking forward to it. I imagine other Eastern Tennesseans will enjoy it as well. Matter of fact, [...]

Not as good as Letterman

Another top ten list – (If that link doesn’t work, you can use this one, but then you get it split into three inconvenient pages).

6. Your mind is not your own.

Freud might have been wrong in the details, but one of his main ideas—that a lot of our behaviors and beliefs and emotions are driven by [...]

Dunning-Kruger revisited

The teaser at Boing-Boing for this ABC Science article on the Dunning-Kruger effect caught my eye because of the last sentence quoted there.  I’ll include the last three for context – “It beautifully explains the utter confidence of those who, with no expertise, remain stubborn in their views regardless of overwhelming evidence. It makes you want [...]

Just a letter

Ripped entirely from Skeptical science:

A letter Climate Change and the Integrity of Science has been published in the journal Science. It’s written by 255 members of the US National Academy of Sciences, including 11 Nobel laureates (here’s the complete list plus their university affiliations). I recommend reading the entire letter but here is an excerpt:

There is always some [...]

Knocking Boots?

If Neanderthals are concerned, I think the better phrase is [...]

There’s a name for that…

Something does not seem quite right. The most powerful man in the world, John F. Kennedy, was taken out by a lone nutjob of no previous consequence? A jet flies into the pentagon and yet the expected debris is not visible. And why can’t I see stars in the NASA Apollo moon landing photos?

Some hidden agent [...]

A few words from a real climate change skeptic

Truth be known, I don’t know if John Cook is a real skeptic or not – or rather, to what degree and in what situations he is a skeptic. I follow his blog on Google Reader, but my schedule has allowed me very little time for reading since I subscribed to him. So, I [...]

Blind Analysis

Very nice piece from miller explaining blind analysis – a method for avoiding tricks of human psychology under certain circumstances. It’s very interesting and I think you should read it. I think so because I read the first paragraph, applied some models of goodness to it, then I read the rest and checked my models. [...]

Google Goggles

Pretty cool

Stuff like this makes me want to take better care of myself and live a long, long time. I still get excited when I think about the world my great grandchildren will live in.

It won’t be perfect. It never has been and it never will be. But it is still pretty [...]