No Such Luck

You know, I never thought I’d see the day when we had a black head of the RNC who supports affirmative action and opposes the death penalty. Alas, I’m afraid that can’t last because he did the same thing the Republican Governor of his state did. The same kind of thing most politicians do. [...]

Michael Steele Opposes Death Penalty

I did not know that. Good for him. And good for the GOP for not letting that be an obstacle to his ascent to [...]

CPAC – a distinction?

I was just reading at Red State that Rush is going to close out CPAC, drawing huge crowds and, if the author was lucky – he would get to meet him.

I’ve been following CPAC (at a very safe distance) these last couple of days – featuring Joe the Plumber, Sean Hannity, Rush and others of that [...]

Belated NSOTU NPost says he got some stuff wrong… but looking at it, it’s nothing terrible. Certainly doesn’t approach the sixteen word world record for wrongness in a SOTU.

I didn’t watch. I followed NPR’s tweets for a while before I turned in. So not much else from me. I hear Bobby J. didn’t thrill [...]


“When our good friends on the other side of the aisle say raising taxes on the wealthy, they really mean small businesses,” – Mitch McConnell

… Because so many small business owners are [...]

War Everywhere? Economy in the Tank? Looming Climate Crisis?

Then let’s talk about broadcast media regulations!

It is desperately time for a third party in this country, when one of the two “major ones” can get so focused on byzantine broadcast regulations.

It was weird how this came up. Nobody – I mean nobody was talking about the Fairness Doctrine or, truthfully, any other broadcast regulation [...]



I’m going to take a few minutes to read, per Gibbs’ suggestion, the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan executive summary (pdf). Even after I do it, I won’t know what to think… because I really don’t understand these topics. I just thought the video was funny.

I think it’s funny too, in a sad kind of way, [...]

Buckle up… it’s going to be a wild ride

Scientists say pace of climate change may exceed estimates.

Meanwhile, George Will has earned the moniker, “Typhoid Mary of Anti-Science Syndrome (ASS)”.

It’s [...]

Jeremy Jones

Apparently, an old classmate of mine is now running for U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 9th, as a Republican. I don’t know much else about the race at this time, and can’t vote in Georgia. I can tell you he was an alright guy 20+ years ago when I knew him. I can’t [...]


Sounds like this: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha [...]