Strong Words

Father Stephen presents a critique of the Protestant Reformation, especially the doctrine of sola scriptura, in terms of Apostolic succession.

You all know where I stand on these matters… I see the necessity of using the historical critical method to understand the meaning of the writers and to approximate an understanding of the historical events behind [...]

Placing Paul / Thinking Out Loud

Subscribing to a number of bloggers who belong to Biblioblogs keeps me busy realizing how much I don’t know. I say this by way of making clear that this is a “thinking out loud post” – not a “here’s how it is” post, and also to give me an opportunity to say how grateful I am [...]

Not the review I would have written

Buzz Thomas visited Chattanooga a year or two back & a dear friend* invited me to accompany him and his wife to a book signing event. I picked up a copy… breezed through it, then set it aside. I found it pretty weak tea, with a propensity to overstate some issues, understate others, and to [...]

James, Brother of Jesus.

A friend from church lent me his copy of James the Brother of Jesus. Rather than review it properly, I’ll just list what the author tries to achieve in terms of my response to it.
Heading 1: Those items I felt the author achieved convincingly.
These are items which the author convinced me of or that I [...]


Another biology blog on religion… but at least he’s [...]

Funny Word: Pernicious

I used it myself, just yesterday. Keith Parsons employs it in reference to the doctrine of hell. Money quote is this:

Hell is the penalty for disagreeing with Christians!

Broad brush, this. In fact, Christianity has a variety of ideas about hell, about whether it is temporary or eternal, and about how one manages to wind up there. [...]

Acommodation vs. appeasement


This post by anti-accomodationist Jerry Coyne deserves an answer. But, I gave that answer as a comment on this post by anti-accomodationist Larry Moran. I’ll summarize what I said there:

I see no reason to think it impossible for some people to accept one class of ideas only with evidence, and another class of ideas [...]

One other thing

Yesterday, in dealing with apologetic answers to Euthyphro’s Dilemma – which I call Euthyphro’s Lament, as it is only representative of a class of problems with moral philosophy – I suggested that there was a certain amount of scriptural support for the apologetic view that God’s morality avoids the dilemma since the grounding for it is [...]


*Caveat* This is not a criticism of religion. I have plenty of those, but that isn’t what I’m about here – this is a discussion of tribalism in human thinking, pure and simple. */Caveat*

Via Kleinheider comes a survey that takes up a question very similar to one I was talking to my friend about just [...]

Science is a beautiful springtime meadow

And religions are the clouds that swirl and careen above it. Sound corny? Wait ’til you read Chris Mooney’s latest. And, of course, I wholeheartedly agree with him. I like and respect the people who see it the other way – that science is a pristine forest and religion the paper mill whose [...]