Grass Roots

I was reading a rightward blog that shall remain nameless this morning, and I noticed a trend following close behind the trend of the ‘disruptive’ town hall protests. It was the trend of disavowal of any of the sponsoring lobbies and media outlets.

I was thinking to myself – I remember when I was on [...]

Vicious New Talking Point

The short form of the new, revoltingly vituperous talking point, and a response to it is here. However, this is just a small part of appears to be a large scale coordinated message campaign.

Fred Thompson hosted a much longer session of … what do you call it when distortion follows insinuation follows [...]

Blue Dogs & Healthcare

Jlue points us to an e-mail address that (I assume) will reach the members of the “blue dog” caucus of congressional democrats:

I’m assuming that Mike Ross is included on the list that will receive communications through this address.

So, if you are interested in the healthcare debate, and hope to influence a caucus that [...]

Mark Sanford

The disappearance of Mark Sanford is one of the strangest political stories I can remember in quite a while.

I did not even know it was possible for a Governor to take off and go to God Only Knows Where for God Only Knows Why with God Only Knows Who and not even be accessible to his staff and [...]

Palin v Dean

Not that anybody brought it up, but I thought I would list all the ways in which Sarah Palin could be thought of as the Right’s Howard Dean:
1) The “base” is enthusiastic about her
2) The “establishment” fears that she could be an electoral liability

Ummmmm…. That’s about it. I miss [...]

Guns in Bars

I’ve been following this for a real long time now, and I guess this is just the typical result of partisanship. There is one reason and one reason only for a law outlawing guns in bars: to keep guns out of bars. If a client in a bar, whether or not you can prove he [...]

What’s the New Boss Up To?

The paranoid cynic in me has to ask, given the “Democratic” Senate’s obstructionism on closing Camp X-Ray, did Obama whisper to someone that he didn’t really want this right now? Did he twist any arms to get what [...]

Distributism v Capitalism

The people who argue that “capitalism works” are the same people who argue that we should have less government interference in the market. Now, I am all for less government; however, the plain fact of the matter is that capitalism cannot function without this interference; capitalism relies on an expanded state to balance aggregate supply and [...]


*Caveat* This is not a criticism of religion. I have plenty of those, but that isn’t what I’m about here – this is a discussion of tribalism in human thinking, pure and simple. */Caveat*

Via Kleinheider comes a survey that takes up a question very similar to one I was talking to my friend about just [...]

Building a Servile Class

I’m fond of my employers. Ok – to be honest, I don’t know much about the board, but I know several of the execs, including the CEO. I like most of them. I even like the one who closed a quarterly meeting not long ago with a prayer thanking the almighty for our company and [...]