I honestly don’t remember if I got to watch Reagan’s 1988 address to us kiddies. I certainly don’t remember being kept home from school to avoid being indoctrinated. Nor do I remember school officials posturing over it. But, we may not have had CSPAN, or whatever.

By the time Bush I decided to address the [...]

Converting to the Catholic…

… economic and government theory?

Am I wrong in being unable to suppress my enthusiasm for the largely European Catholic supported alternative economic theory of distributism? I believe I’ve linked the Front Porch Republic – the American outlet for this point of view – more than once before… but go read this, and tell me where it [...]

Yellow Roses and Silver Linings

In the exceedingly unlikely event that the Lone Star State decides to take its Star and go home… there will be much weeping & gnashing of teeth.

But, assuming the Volunteer State doesn’t follow suit, I can think of some advantages…
1) Dramatic reduction in the size of problematic US / Mexican border
2) Thirty Four GOP electoral [...]

Good Questions. No, Really…

LGF has decided to bring some sanity to the health care debate… By composing (and hopefully eventually asking) good questions on the issue. Better questions than the one you’ll see from me in a few hours (stay tuned)… I almost hate to see this, because I fear our politicians are not prepared to actually answer [...]

What’s Wrong

I promised you a long rambling post about the reason things suck so bad in American politics. So here it is.

I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the state, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn [...]

Is there anything in this bill that can maybe keep me from dying?

That was the line that cracked me up… via Cole, who deserves an Amen and Hallelujah chorus for his assessment that this is how you do things in civil society (my words, his thoughts).

Virginia-5 – my hat is off to [...]

Un-American is whatever I say it is

OK… First – this is going to be my last post critical of conservatives for a while. There’s been a lot of crap going on that makes me angry and sad and I’ve had plenty to say about it. But at some point, It’s worth talking about some positive things instead of railing against [...]

Crazy Pool Winner

Alright – every one that bet on “It’s already happened, you idiot”, come collect your prize. You can also have the 2:1 payout on the Not Michelle Bachman… as far as I know the only nationally elected official to advance the euthanasia trope in July was Virginia Foxx of NC:

So Kudos to Rep. Fox for [...]

Crazy Pool

$5 entry.. Date when first elected official in national office publicly endorses the euthanasia theory. For an extra dollar you can bet in the “Not Michelle Bachman or Marsha Blackburn” Pool, which pays out 2:1. [...]

My Own Grid of Disputation, Modified to Accommodate Medical Cases

Since RW isn’t familiar with Beck, I thought an illustration would be in order… The idea and template ripped shamelessly from Cosmic Variance.  I’ve indicated approximate values for a number of other figures to give a baseline against which to measure GB’s rating.  And, yes… I had to extend the chart a touch to fit him on it.
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