When I saw this, and found out that it was a Breitbart vid, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the rest of the story came out. And it has… And Ace doesn’t miss a beat before missing the point.

I don’t guess I knew this, but politics makes you cynical, besides just dumb… so [...]

Numbers Game

Taxes and Tea Parties by the numbers.

Some of that may be a little silly or tenuous… but over all it might put some things into perspective. I’d like to see added…

Percent of families that pay no federal income tax: 47.

I doubt the data is available, but I’d be curious to learn how many of [...]

Meet the new boss…

This is my tipping point. Unless and until sanity returns to the American political system, I will not participate in it in any capacity. The only exception is the possibility that a sane third party arises with a credible promise of reform. That is all. [...]

On the will of the people

I remember when the “will of the people” was 51 votes in the Senate. Now, of course, it’s 41 votes in the Senate. But vote counting is quite possibly the least problematic issue associated with the notion of political representatives conveying the “will of the people”.

It goes without saying that representatives from both parties [...]

Not a bad idea at all

My personal favorite is Oolong (which is not a type of leaf, but refers to a type of fermentation process)… But after reading this, I’m tempted to try some [...]

Quote of the month

Adam Sewer, via Obsidian Wings:

The Senate is holding a hearing today where several current and former Blackwater employees will be testifying, but honestly the only way Congress would stop giving Blackwater money is if it started registering black people to [...]


For students of human behavior and its relationship to politics, this is absolutely unsurprising.

The findings indicate that male voters exhibit biological responses to the realignment of a country’s dominance hierarchy as if they participated in an interpersonal [...]

Some truth about czars

Although my irony meter has been damaged beyond repair by these folks complaining about Barack Obama making an “end run around Congress”, I’ll give Morissey props for both 1) more or less properly relating the administration’s position, and 2) for including a few more facts (if not quite all) needed for contextualizing the administration’s response on [...]

Yeah, but

These guys are concerned about the direction of the Right. I am too. But I don’t know if they have a case here. Are they really scaring off moderates, and do moderates even exist any more? It looks to me like since the crazy got turned up to Atomic Blast, polls have generally moved against the [...]

Run, Bob, Run

I agree with Dan… Bob Corker won’t run in 2012. I don’t know if he should or not. It will be apparent by the end of 2010 whether ambitious and talented Republicans should enter the race or bide their time until 2016. That all depends on where Obama is at that point. If he’s [...]