*Caveat* This is not a criticism of religion. I have plenty of those, but that isn’t what I’m about here – this is a discussion of tribalism in human thinking, pure and simple. */Caveat*

Via Kleinheider comes a survey that takes up a question very similar to one I was talking to my friend about just [...]

Who Is The Self With a Will?

Last installment, we talked about how to find a gap in the causal chain from sensory input to motor output – a gap big enough for a non-mechanical self to insert its will. I suspect that there is none to be found, and I wanted to talk about some of the reasons I have this viewpoint. [...]

You Are Too Your Brain

This just popped up recently on my GR – You Are Not Your Brain, an interview with author Alva Noe. Pointed out are some good reasons for looking at self as not “just” your brain. That does not obviate the important ways in which, I think it is becoming inescapable, that your brain is [...]

Breaking the Causal Chain – Free Will

Picking up where we left off, we had bookmarked the experiential definition of free will (that which reduces to “the experience of choosing”) and ventured into the causal definition (a “self” is a unique cause of action).

Now, a little bit is known about the brain and nervous system. We know that certain neurons of the brain [...]

More Ruminations Over Free Will

Wow – I should have proofread this… Talk about scatterbrained… fixing it now…

I’ve been scratching my head over this stuff for a week now here on the bleg, but this and related questions have been coming up in my mind as long as I can remember. I’ve always in the past skirted the issue with [...]

Universalism and the Problem of Evil

This quote sums up one ideal. Universalism sums up the Heavenly optimism possible under Christianity. The doctrine of eternal damnation sums up its hellish underbelly. Since the southerners amongst you are already quite familiar with the latter, I’ll include the former quote:

Universalism as hitherto expounded and applied is without doubt incomplete and faulty. It [...]

Following Jesus

Via Paul Wilczynski, I learn of a move to rebrand Christianity.

Now, as the Christian world continues to refine its identity, another label is gaining currency: “follower of Jesus.” It is gaining among the young. On Facebook, more than 900 groups use some variation of “follower of Jesus.” The tag is also popular among people in the [...]


I left something out yesterday in the discussion of Universalism. When I said this, ‘It is not because, as Albert Mohler suggests, of “superficial preaching in church pulpits” that most American Christians believe that Christianity isn’t the only way to heaven – it is because their belief in the goodness of God is more real to [...]

Free Will and Meaning / Science and Religion

Another non-accommodationist piece in the guardian. I don’t want to rehash the question of compatibility again. I want to look at this quote:

But increasingly, those who study the human brain see our experiences, even of our own intentions, as being an illusory commentary on what our brains have already decided to do.

This seems very [...]

Meaning II

I think yesterday’s quote from Victor Frankl does about as well as anything could for pointing toward the source of meaning in life. I’m still not sure that the answer can be pinned down. I’d like to think more on the topic, but I’m not sure that there is anywhere much to go. “Meaning” may be [...]