Book Review After a Dozen Years

It was 1998 when I read M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth. I have not re-read it since then, so please bear with me. I’m working from memory.

Before I get to the good stuff, which comprises the first half of this book, I [...]

A few words from a real climate change skeptic

Truth be known, I don’t know if John Cook is a real skeptic or not – or rather, to what degree and in what situations he is a skeptic. I follow his blog on Google Reader, but my schedule has allowed me very little time for reading since I subscribed to him. So, I [...]

So, Who Would You Drink A Beer With?

I was pondering this poetic question all day long today, …and although my conclusions may not be quite poetic, …well, they are mine nonetheless.

I will not limit the criteria to the living, however morbid some of you might think of drinking beer with a corpse may be, I want to give the question a bit of [...]

Retributive Justice Again

I rail periodically against retribution as a notion of justice here on the blog. I suppose it is an artifact of my interests in religion, human nature, and criminal justice that keeps this topic always relevant to me and makes me want to dwell on it at painful lengths. I spent the last couple [...]

Emerson II

Another brief quote from the master, whose worth I have sadly begun to doubt.

The temperance of the hero proceeds from the same wish to do no dishonor to the worthiness he has. But he loves it for its elegancy, not for its austerity. It seems not worth his while to be solemn, and denounce with bitterness [...]

Richards Dawkins is an Accommodationist, but Richard Dawkins is not an Accommodationist

I noticed Chris Mooney’s enthusiastic post earlier this week where he relayed some Accommodationist sounding words from Richard Dawkins. I expected that it would draw some return fire, and now it has.

See, Dawkins made these statements that express one of the important notions of accommodationism:
No, I don’t think they’re incompatible if only because there are many [...]

Succintly Put

Tim Nichols, via normblog…

2 Caveats –
1) I know I promised a different take on this subject in the past, but I’ve always managed to get stuck actually writing it…
2) Etymology is a poor substitute for definitions. I always find it irksome when I hear someone say “so & so comes from Latin for such [...]

Sloppy Thinking

As promised, not a criticism of the right… And, not my own. Just an illustration of the kind of thinking that leads one down a dead-end alley and holds one there permanently. Illustrated beautifully in the words of James McGrath.

In brief:

(1) Both show a lack of familiarity with the basic data in a [...]

One other thing

Yesterday, in dealing with apologetic answers to Euthyphro’s Dilemma – which I call Euthyphro’s Lament, as it is only representative of a class of problems with moral philosophy – I suggested that there was a certain amount of scriptural support for the apologetic view that God’s morality avoids the dilemma since the grounding for it is [...]

Euthyphro’s Lament

It’s true of apologists for anything – religious, political, or other sets of ideas – that they tend to misuse their intellectual tools. It’s equally true for counter-apologists, which often is a set that includes myself. So, I try to be careful, and I try to discuss matters that coincide with apologetic or counter-apologetic [...]