Pretty Good

Via Unc… I post here because I know there are a couple of pickers in the audience. I expect they will agree with me that the kid is decent.

Actually, this is just the one Unc stumbled upon. Turns out the kid has a couple of other tunes in his repertoire. … Billie Jean is [...]


I wasn’t going to say anything about Roman Polanski. I figured no one needed my help to figure out that what he did to his victim was the utmost of deplorable. But apparently some people do need some [...]


I honestly don’t remember if I got to watch Reagan’s 1988 address to us kiddies. I certainly don’t remember being kept home from school to avoid being indoctrinated. Nor do I remember school officials posturing over it. But, we may not have had CSPAN, or whatever.

By the time Bush I decided to address the [...]

Narratives of Style

I almost set this as an eye-booger link… but I liked it so much, I wanted to share it in a more permanent way. Via Post Politics, go read a non-eulogy that has very little to do with Ted Kennedy.

Lest I confuse, I have no interest in the ethnic angle per se, nor in the [...]

Un-American is whatever I say it is

OK… First – this is going to be my last post critical of conservatives for a while. There’s been a lot of crap going on that makes me angry and sad and I’ve had plenty to say about it. But at some point, It’s worth talking about some positive things instead of railing against [...]

My Own Grid of Disputation, Modified to Accommodate Medical Cases

Since RW isn’t familiar with Beck, I thought an illustration would be in order… The idea and template ripped shamelessly from Cosmic Variance.  I’ve indicated approximate values for a number of other figures to give a baseline against which to measure GB’s rating.  And, yes… I had to extend the chart a touch to fit him on it.
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Pax Moderna

Steven Pinker says we are living in increasingly peaceable times, despite some perceptions to the contrary. Who’d a thunk it. Warning – Libertarians will not like this [...]

Quite a Story

I’m still, you know, basically an addict and I decided to get addicted to something that was good for other people

With a little help from his friends, this high school grad has done something most people would consider beyond [...]

The Ice Cream Truck!

Yeah, the guy (or girl, …who the hell knows?) drives through here like clockwork at 4:30 pm every single day. Problem is…he/she is driving 55 mph when he/she does so.

What the hell are we supposed to do if we want an ice cream or something?

Shoot flares up into the air when we start to hear the [...]

Park Bench Queens

As strident as I can be about some things we find to the right of us, the truth is that most of it doesn’t upset me. I often find myself losing faith in the rational faculties of my compatriots, but only rarely getting angry. But, if there’s one thing that really infuriates me about the [...]