If I was a Murfreesboro Minister

Or NYC area, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter much what denomination… or even if I was the chairman of programs at the local humanist group.

This is what I’d do. I’d have a big chicken dinner on a Sunday after church. I’d encourage my congregation to attend, and invite the members of the new Mosque or Community [...]

Ur Doing it Wrong!

One News Now (of Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials fame) still has an anti-gay streak (in the sense that a one-trick pony has a one-trick streak). But they haven’t gotten much better at it. Leading their denunciation (link disabled due to malware at ONN – URL is if you feel lucky) of [...]

Draw Wrong Mohammed Day

I screwed up. I thought it was Draw Mohammed Bouyeri Day. So, this is what I toiled away for:

So… anyway… The best compilation is at Friendly Atheist.

I began disapproving of the project on the grounds that it’s wrong to poke millions of people in the eye to express disapproval of a couple hundred asshole extremists.

I’ve been [...]

Dunning-Kruger revisited

The teaser at Boing-Boing for this ABC Science article on the Dunning-Kruger effect caught my eye because of the last sentence quoted there.  I’ll include the last three for context – “It beautifully explains the utter confidence of those who, with no expertise, remain stubborn in their views regardless of overwhelming evidence. It makes you want [...]

Numbers Game

Taxes and Tea Parties by the numbers.

Some of that may be a little silly or tenuous… but over all it might put some things into perspective. I’d like to see added…

Percent of families that pay no federal income tax: 47.

I doubt the data is available, but I’d be curious to learn how many of [...]

There’s a name for that…

Something does not seem quite right. The most powerful man in the world, John F. Kennedy, was taken out by a lone nutjob of no previous consequence? A jet flies into the pentagon and yet the expected debris is not visible. And why can’t I see stars in the NASA Apollo moon landing photos?

Some hidden agent [...]

Retributive Justice Again

I rail periodically against retribution as a notion of justice here on the blog. I suppose it is an artifact of my interests in religion, human nature, and criminal justice that keeps this topic always relevant to me and makes me want to dwell on it at painful lengths. I spent the last couple [...]

So whats going on in your neighborhood?

For once in my life, I am actually speechless.

My beloved hometown makes national headlines yet [...]

Revisiting Ralph

In my younger years, I carried Ralph Waldo Emerson in very high esteem. This was before my conversion to Unitarian Universalism. In fact, a friend of mine, whom I carried in very high esteem, spoke highly of RWE and lent me a copy of some essays to read. I was instantly hooked. I’ve kept copies [...]


For students of human behavior and its relationship to politics, this is absolutely unsurprising.

The findings indicate that male voters exhibit biological responses to the realignment of a country’s dominance hierarchy as if they participated in an interpersonal [...]