So whats going on in your neighborhood?

For once in my life, I am actually speechless.

My beloved hometown makes national headlines yet [...]

You can have Garrison Keillor when you pry him…

I guess I have to be the contrarian here. You see, I generally agree with CC’s complaints against GK, and the similar sentiments expressed at Chalice Spark. Well… I can’t say that without the caveat that I haven’t investigated all of it very deeply and did not even click through to read the recently objectionable [...]

I agree

Obama should stop trying to be Nixon. And Fox News should quit trying to be [...]


John Stewart still has it. This one made me laugh…. in case you missed it.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon – Thurs 11p [...]

Media Reform

I call it “media reform” because the most effective way I’ve seen to bring media changes is to open an outlet and lead the way. So, this guy has a list of eleven, mostly techy, things he’d do if he ran a media outlet.

Couple of them are along the lines I think of, with some quibbles. [...]

Crazy Pool Winner

Alright – every one that bet on “It’s already happened, you idiot”, come collect your prize. You can also have the 2:1 payout on the Not Michelle Bachman… as far as I know the only nationally elected official to advance the euthanasia trope in July was Virginia Foxx of NC:

So Kudos to Rep. Fox for [...]

Vicious New Talking Point

The short form of the new, revoltingly vituperous talking point, and a response to it is here. However, this is just a small part of appears to be a large scale coordinated message campaign.

Fred Thompson hosted a much longer session of … what do you call it when distortion follows insinuation follows [...]

Behaving Badly

I’ve been following this saga, and while I would ordinarily be the last to defend Ray Comfort, I do have a few things to say.

1) Yes, there was a minor and childish internet conspiracy on an atheist website to rate down Comfort’s book. Such childish conspiracies often happen when a book is published from a controversial [...]

Dissing Robert Nash

Good call on the part of the Chattanooga Police force. They obviously can tell a journalist from a rancorous [...]

Electronic Election

I was surprised at the amount of on-line visibility the various city office candidates had this year – blog posts at Chattarati, tweets, facebook pages, facebook causes, more facebook causes, facebook updates, etc., etc., etc. This was especially true in the mayoral race, and more especially true of the Healy camp. I had invitations [...]