Open Letter to Robert T. Nash, Live & Local, Concerning Antisemitic Remarks

I am a former listener and fan of the Live & Local radio show broadcasted on WGOW 102.3 in Chattanooga, TN.

Today, I switched my dial to the Spanish Language radio station nearby to 102.3 on the dial after listening to Mr. Nash make racial slurs directed at Jews. His caller, a woman by the name [...]

Back to the Salt Mines

… but only after a pleasant weekend, away from work. Truth be told, Saturday kind of sucked for me. It was a beautiful day, and I felt too crappy to get out, do anything, or enjoy it. I blame the preceding Monday through Friday. I saved alll my outings and chores for Sunday. [...]

Don’t Forget – Strides of March

Strides of March AIDS Walk, Sunday – 1p.m. or thereabouts. [...]

Attorney-Gate Chattanooga Connection

Interesting comment in the previous thread from Thomas at NewsRack Blog. It appears that Chattanooga based IT firm, SmarTech may run some of the e-mail servers that were used to skate presidential record-keeping requirements on some communications related to Attorney-Gate. So, if anybody local to here knows anything about this firm, and/or recent activities [...]

Chattanooga Cares / Strides of March

Home Page

Date: Sunday, March 25, 2007
Time: Registration begins at 1:00PM
Walk starts at 2PM
Location: Coolidge Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga CARES 12th Annual Strides of March will be Sunday, March 25, 2007 in Coolidge Park. The Strides is a 3.1 mile walk through scenic downtown Chattanooga designed [...]

State Pride

I have a lot of it. Go Vols, you know. But Senator Finney really isn’t a source of it.

I hope the BoE gives him the smack-down [...]

Anybody But Bill Frist

I can’t add anything to what Alice said here. It seems impossible to find any redeeming character in Bill Frist. Yes, he finally came off his position that embryos must be burned in the incinerators to keep the scientists from learning anything useful from them… I guess we can say that in his favor, [...]

Election Time – Endorsements

What Joe Public has done here is rather admirable, both in style and substance. In the same vein, I offer my own suggestions. Just as Joe does, I urge you to make your own informed decisions after due reflection, and by all means – go vote. I will not offer predictions, as [...]

Ford on the NJ decision

I agree with kos – wholeheartedly.

I’ll vote for Ford, because Corker is anti-gay & anti-family, too plus a lot of other bad things that Ford isn’t. But I want to be on record that this is a vote against Corker, and not for Ford and his sense [...]

Harold Ford, Jr. – I’d like to make a request.

Ok, a front page piece in the Chattanooga TFP today (yesterday when this will be posted) gives a surprisingly fair reading of Corker’s attacks on Ford as a liberal, and Ford’s actual position. Great. But, deep inside, where the column is continued on page A6, is a quote from Ford that has rather disquieted [...]