Tea in Coolidge Park

Chattarati has a small photo gallery. I like the No VAT sign. And I’m glad the Dirty F-in’ Hippies in the very first photo made their way out, too. As a result, we had both flavors of populist outrage on display in our little city. [...]

Steps – film noir for your internet browser – from Chattanooga

Steps is still in production, but there’s a trailer for you later in the post. Via, Chattarati (if you aren’t reading them already, you should be).

If your interests include any of the following:

Film noir
Homegrown media
Life in the South
Life in a small town
Life in Chattanooga
Using technology to bring media that doesn’t have to be produced [...]

Free Range Mystiks

What: Free Range Mystiks
World Beat featuring Roger Davis on percussion, Rich Dwyer on diatonic & chromatic harp and vocals, Jesse Blu on eight string electric bass, and singer-songwriter Steve O’Neil on guitar and vocals.

Where: Blacksmith Bistro living room, across the street from the Incline railroad in St Elmo

When: Thursday, July 30 starting about 8:00 (to 8:30) [...]

Green Cities

Chattanooga didn’t make the cut in any category. Also conspicuous by their absence were Atlanta, Nashville, and Knoxville (though I don’t think we should be surprised by this).

Huntsville, AL made a couple of the lists, including top 15 overall. That did surprise me a little bit – I haven’t been to Huntsville in a [...]

Guns in Bars

I’ve been following this for a real long time now, and I guess this is just the typical result of partisanship. There is one reason and one reason only for a law outlawing guns in bars: to keep guns out of bars. If a client in a bar, whether or not you can prove he [...]

Electronic Election

I was surprised at the amount of on-line visibility the various city office candidates had this year – blog posts at Chattarati, tweets, facebook pages, facebook causes, more facebook causes, facebook updates, etc., etc., etc. This was especially true in the mayoral race, and more especially true of the Healy camp. I had invitations [...]

This hurts my feelings

Couch potatoes, they say.

Out of shape, they say.

Least fit, they say.

I go to the gym for an hour a day 5 days a week, plus unicycle on the weekends and walk the dog twice a day. I refuse to accept responsibility [...]

Joe Lance Drops out

Joe Lance is out of Chattanooga Mayoral race. I like Joe. I like his priorities & will likely follow his lead in voting for [...]

Jeremy Jones

Apparently, an old classmate of mine is now running for U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 9th, as a Republican. I don’t know much else about the race at this time, and can’t vote in Georgia. I can tell you he was an alright guy 20+ years ago when I knew him. I can’t [...]

UFO House For Sale

Go bid. It’s hard to find anyone around here who doesn’t allege to have known someone who lived there. I think that’s probably what they were told to think, during [...]