West Memphis 3

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A key witness who helped put one of the West Memphis 3 behind bars in the murder of three boys, now claims police forced her to lie.

Vicki Hutcheson was in court Friday at a hearing to determine if Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin will get a new trial, but did not take the stand because [...]

Up is Up

Via Post Politics, a statement from the TN Libertarian Party on marriage:

[...] Same-sex couples face numerous federal policies of discrimination, ranging from the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to gender-based tax penalties. The Defense of Marriage Act, passed by a Republican Congress and signed by Democrat Bill Clinton, denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages. The [...]

What’s the New Boss Up To?

The paranoid cynic in me has to ask, given the “Democratic” Senate’s obstructionism on closing Camp X-Ray, did Obama whisper to someone that he didn’t really want this right now? Did he twist any arms to get what [...]

They Don’t Get to Kill This Guy

Kleinheider has the news. Sometimes justice is served despite [...]

They really want to kill this guy

The Defense for Paul House is seeking to kill the retrial, and with good cause.

Merritt, being more candid that usual for an appeals court judge, said there appeared to be “pure stubbornness and vindictiveness on the part of the state” in wanting to continue to prosecute House when the Supreme Court has said that no reasonable [...]

Scruples for $500

The answer is “Yes.”

Dan McLaughlin says, “Should the surviving Somali pirate be charged as a juvenile if he is 16 years old?

That’s [...]


Says Obama Admin, ‘Gays: let’s kick ‘em down [...]

Headline and Nanny State Abuse of the Day

Is There A First Amendment Right To Fart?

A Lakeland eighth grader, accused of breaking wind while riding a school bus, has been suspended for three days from bus transportation in the Polk County school district.

The 15-year-old boy was written up on a misbehavior form by the bus driver, accusing him of intentionally farting to make the [...]

New Mexico Death Penalty

Congratulations, New Mexico. You’re all grown up now. Thanks to the New Mexico legislature and to Governor Richardson. [...]

You Win: Health Care Is Not a Right

That’s right. Health care is not a right. Anyone asks you, you can point them right here.

I have a good reason for conceding this, but it comes with a condition. The reason is that many of us have habituated our thinking about “rights” around the idea of inalienability, and specifically limited to those [...]