Of Railroading

Worth more than an eye-booger… an upcoming wrongful execution (that’s assuming for the sake of argument that not all executions are wrongful). It isn’t too late yet.

Thirteen years after he was convicted, Keith’s lawyers discovered that one of the state’s “witnesses” never actually existed, and that police at his trial testified about a fictitious person [...]

ACLU – Hands off Miranda


So these two cases are very similar: both are suspected of terrorist acts, both are caught, questioned, and Mirandized, and most crucially, both cooperate with law enforcement authorities both before and after they were read their Miranda rights.

Which is why it’s completely befuddling that some politicians have used these attempted terrorist attacks to propose that we completely [...]

Meet the new boss…

This is my tipping point. Unless and until sanity returns to the American political system, I will not participate in it in any capacity. The only exception is the possibility that a sane third party arises with a credible promise of reform. That is all. [...]

Retributive Justice Again

I rail periodically against retribution as a notion of justice here on the blog. I suppose it is an artifact of my interests in religion, human nature, and criminal justice that keeps this topic always relevant to me and makes me want to dwell on it at painful lengths. I spent the last couple [...]


I wasn’t going to say anything about Roman Polanski. I figured no one needed my help to figure out that what he did to his victim was the utmost of deplorable. But apparently some people do need some [...]

A few words on ACORN

… Tough subject to talk about in a fair way. I’ll try. These thoughts will be random and disconnected, as usual.

First, please construe nothing I say as an effort to minimize the wrong-doing documented in the famous videos on the part of ACORN staffers.

I once was a libertarian on the subject of prostitution, [...]

A Metaphor

Non-players, please pardon the chess metaphor and fret not – no detailed knowledge of the game is necessary.

Imagine a chess board, set up in advance to position toward the middle of the game. One side may have a material or positional advantage in the game. Now imagine that two players, not necessarily evenly matched in [...]

Not the Trail of Tears

Since I often write in praise of the Front Porch Republic, I’m going to have to respond when they jump the tracks of reason and compare themselves to Indians whose babies are ripped from their arms at gunpoint and carried away to be re-educated into the white culture.

Ummm… Well, I responded in the comments there [...]

No Constitutional Right for Innocent Not to be Executed

Alan Dershowitz versus Tony Scalia and Clarence Thomas on a truly unthinkable (but thankfully minority) opinion….

Let us be clear precisely what this means. If a defendant were convicted, after a constitutionally unflawed trial, of murdering his wife, and then came to the Supreme Court with his very much alive wife at his side, and [...]

File under “Acted Stupidly”

Attacking mom in front of kids. IOIYWB (It’s ok if you [...]