A Little Bit of None Of My Business

Mostly none of my business. My tax dollars have played a role in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, so I guess I bear a smidgeon of responsibility. But really, it’s the business of people who live thousands of miles from me. Nevertheless, I’m interested in hearing ideas about it, and this one was presented in the [...]

One Idea…

…would be to move Darfur to Eastern [...]

Idolatry of Nation

Daniel Larison explores the thinking habits of the hawk, and comes to some unflattering conclusions. I expect that he is partly right… On the other hand, I think he oversimplifies to a degree, and I think we would all be wise to bear in mind the charity C.S. Lewis exhorts us to with these words:

“Suppose [...]

Bhutto on Obama in Pakistan

She has a lot to say, and I think it would pay to listen to her.

But [laughs] I think I would want to make clear to him that he’s opened a third front in my country. By allying America with this government, he has furthered the cause of the Pakistani Taliban so immensely, so immensely. [...]

Strong Words

And, while I wouldn’t take some of Larison’s positions vis-a-vis the legality and propriety of the Honduran coup as strongly as he does, I’m generally in agreement with him, that Obama has gone cowboy in this [...]

Full Spectrum Dominance

I do not fully endorse the message of this video, with my limited understanding of the situation in the Caucuses. Nevertheless, this is the side of the story we don’t get to hear in the American press, and it is one at least worth chewing over a [...]

It Served Its Purpose…

… as a talking point and distraction. Now, watch as the splurge stops working.

Ok – that was one reason for the decreased violence in the last year (like all the way down to 2006 levels!). Another was the Mehdi cease-fire with U.S. & Iraqi troops, which will expire before too long – but not [...]

Evil in the Islamic World

The reason I rarely post about stuff like this is that so many people write about these things with the attitude that they should justify a show-down at high noon. That because of these things, a hard-line approach, with the tacit hope for military aggression, is eminently justified. I don’t wish to be perceived [...]

Try it

Google Earth Maps Darfur Crisis. (Doesn’t work with Google Maps – you have to download [...]

McCotterism (?)

I notice a front page post on Red State from U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter, lamenting the lack of passion about last year’s bogey-man.

Let me just say that I don’t have a strong position on trade relations with communist and other oppressive governments. I strongly disagree with embargoes or long-term sanctions against entire nations. I [...]