Getting priorities straight

Randy Taylor does not care about global warming or White House party crashers or Tiger Woods marriage.

All he want is 16 ounces of sausage. Is that too much to ask?

There is some tough language towards the end of this one so if you are offended you have been warned.

Take it away [...]

I agree

Obama should stop trying to be Nixon. And Fox News should quit trying to be [...]


John Stewart still has it. This one made me laugh…. in case you missed it.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon – Thurs 11p [...]

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing…

I’m laughing as I write this. Today, I received a tip from dear friend Elaine W. She said I should check out the ConservativeBible Project at Conservapedia. Now, I know that the good people at Conservapedia probably aren’t aware that the NIV is the preferred translation of conservative Christians (who are somehow unaware that the [...]

How about that Crompton?

What a helluva QB we’ve got!

I mean, he hit every reciever he threw to…its just Lane Kiffin’s fault that Crompton didnt know to hit the Orange instead of the White.

I might have to double check but I  think Crompton threw for more UCLA yardage than their own freshman QB.

Forget about being ranked! This was a “must [...]

Yellow Roses and Silver Linings

In the exceedingly unlikely event that the Lone Star State decides to take its Star and go home… there will be much weeping & gnashing of teeth.

But, assuming the Volunteer State doesn’t follow suit, I can think of some advantages…
1) Dramatic reduction in the size of problematic US / Mexican border
2) Thirty Four GOP electoral [...]

Of Alternatives in a Binary World

Without a 2-party system, I wouldn’t be getting e-mails from Don Wildmon’s org telling me this:

• Send an e-mail to AARP letting them know you don’t agree. If you are a member, consider what others are doing – cancel your membership. AARP is clearly using membership dues to help push ObamaCare.

• Forward this information to others so they [...]

Crazy Pool

$5 entry.. Date when first elected official in national office publicly endorses the euthanasia theory. For an extra dollar you can bet in the “Not Michelle Bachman or Marsha Blackburn” Pool, which pays out 2:1. [...]

My Own Grid of Disputation, Modified to Accommodate Medical Cases

Since RW isn’t familiar with Beck, I thought an illustration would be in order… The idea and template ripped shamelessly from Cosmic Variance.  I’ve indicated approximate values for a number of other figures to give a baseline against which to measure GB’s rating.  And, yes… I had to extend the chart a touch to fit him on it.
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The end of the world as we know it

My wife received a call from Mamaw the other night. Dear Mamaw had gotten a letter from a preacher explaining how he has completely cashed out of the system now because the country is forever lost. He has already taken all of his money and divided it up with the kids because soon there will be no money left to divide [...]