The Spider Farm Concert 2010

Well Uncle Al had the 2010 Spider Farm Concert and it was lots of fun. The weather was gorgeous during the day but it did get a little cold after the sun went down for an elderly guy who decided for some reason to wear shorts.

This year a couple of the tunes were posted up on youtube [...]

A joke the internet didn’t beat me to

I’m typing fast because I know the internet is trying real hard to ruin this for me… Context for this one is pretty weak, but it could be imported into a lot of funny scenes, so I’ll let the punchline speak for itself, before someone on the internet beats me to it. I’ll just [...]

Just noticed Google’s *real* joke

The Topeka thing was stupid. But if you check the length of time required to perform a google search, you’ll find that the results are returned in some very silly units. I had one search that returned results in 2.00 shakes of a lamb’s tail. One was measured in Planck times. This [...]

Mars Rover: Life on Mars

Amazing photo from Mars Rover settling the question – yes there is life on Mars. [...]

The Clock

My sister sent me The Clock via email.

Man this world goes through one hell of a lot [...]

Starting early

This kind of thing makes me look forward to being a Grandpa.

Yeah. Me and that guy would get along [...]

So, Who Would You Drink A Beer With?

I was pondering this poetic question all day long today, …and although my conclusions may not be quite poetic, …well, they are mine nonetheless.

I will not limit the criteria to the living, however morbid some of you might think of drinking beer with a corpse may be, I want to give the question a bit of [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing I dread are the weeks it will take me to lose the weight I will gain over the next couple of days.

But it will be worth it.

Hope you all have a great [...]

Meat Hand

I would love to uncover this dish at Mama’s on Sunday.

It is almost too beautiful [...]

I Don’t know what a humanoid robot should look like

But I agree that it should play a bright, [...]