Extra Extra: Read all about it! Derek Dooley to be new coach at UT!

Kinda weird, seeing that Hamilton is still supposed to interview another candidate, Kippy Brown, at 13:00 EST today.

Sorry for Kippy, I actually like the guy.

Dooley doesn’t really have that much of a resume’ tho’ he does have ties to Nick Saban.

If I got Saban’s autograph once, …does that mean I could be in contention for the [...]

Awwww C’mon Man

Lane Kiffin to Southern California.

I was on the phone with Papaw last night talking about the upcoming Florida vs Kentucky basketball game and he suddenly stopped talking for a minute and then told me that ESPN was reporting that Lane Kiffin was bolting to Southern California. I thought maybe he had taken a little too much [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing I dread are the weeks it will take me to lose the weight I will gain over the next couple of days.

But it will be worth it.

Hope you all have a great [...]

Separation of church and football

Praising the Lord will get you a 15 yard penalty. Chris Johnson is just going to have to pray standing up.

I really didn’t mind the implementation of the excessive celebration penalty so much until the officials started abusing it.  Making a cheap ass call like that towards the end of what was a hell of a ball game was [...]

How about that Crompton?

What a helluva QB we’ve got!

I mean, he hit every reciever he threw to…its just Lane Kiffin’s fault that Crompton didnt know to hit the Orange instead of the White.

I might have to double check but I  think Crompton threw for more UCLA yardage than their own freshman QB.

Forget about being ranked! This was a “must [...]

Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

World being the key word here folks.

I am going to just throw some names out:

T.O.  (Terrell Owens)

Chad Ochocinco

Bill Belichick

Barry U.S. Bonds

Mike Tyson

Jeff Kent


Roger Clemens (Remember Piazza?)

Pete Rose

Steve Spurrier (Yes, he was in the NFL and ran up the score when he could, he ultimately paid the price for his actions.)

Scott Boras

Kobe Bryant

Michael Vick

Bill Romanowski

David Beckham

Jim Rome

…This is pretty much what I came up with, I am going to do my best to list them, in my opinion, from worst (10) to worst-EST (1).

Here is my top 10:

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Gators to Lane Kiffin…”It’s definitely personal now.”

Gators Junior safety Ahmad Black needed a tissue for his issue with Lane Kiffin’s recent comments about Urban Meyer.

Kiffin may have made an illegal uppercut to FL’s Urban Meyer when he suggested that Meyer violated NCAA rules by calling Nu’Keese Richardson while Richardson was on his official visit to Tennessee…but the NCAA claimed that it was [...]


It has been seven years since I have had to deal with this.

I have almost forgotten how to do it. I have spent a good deal of time staring out the window and watching the wind blow and listening to the rain fall.

My favorite Dog blog has locked comments and I don’t blame him.

It was just [...]


Tomorrow is the day. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. But I heard on the radio yesterday that we are not supposed to refer to the game that way anymore because of the reference to alcohol. Just like we are not supposed to call the Texas vs Oklahoma game the Red River Shootout anymore because of [...]

More bad news for Belichick!

Belichick has said that he misinterpreted the league’s bylaws, telling Goodell that he thought it was permissible to use electronic equipment as long as the information was not used in the same game.

…yeah, for for the last 7 years including 3 NFL Championships.

“The rules are very, very clear. There is no need to be more specific [...]