Welcome my son, welcome to the machine

At 8:20 last night I officially became a Grandpa.


Once again I was overwhelmed by the strength of a woman and this time it was my own daughter. I was so proud of her.

They [...]

The Spider Farm Concert 2010

Well Uncle Al had the 2010 Spider Farm Concert and it was lots of fun. The weather was gorgeous during the day but it did get a little cold after the sun went down for an elderly guy who decided for some reason to wear shorts.

This year a couple of the tunes were posted up on youtube [...]

Kids do say the darndest things

In the first grade class that my daughter teaches she decided to have them do a project and write a letter to their parents for Valentines Day.

One of the little girls decided that she would rather write the letter to her grandmother instead.

So after all of the letters were turned in my daughter had to call [...]

Showers of Blessings

I will be a grandpa myself by the end of July if all goes as expected.

Future Grandma and future mama made the official doctor visit today. I have known for a week that all signs pointed to yes but was told to keep my mouth shut until today. When I saw Shayla I could not believe it. [...]

The Perfect Ending

If it were up to me to write the last page this would [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing I dread are the weeks it will take me to lose the weight I will gain over the next couple of days.

But it will be worth it.

Hope you all have a great [...]

Another girl

A photo of our first grandchild… taken [...]