Doctor Who Episode 2, With Spoilers…

Thanks to some of the blogs I read regularly discussing & reviewing the “new” Doctor Who series, and thanks to some good luck, I discovered that my cable package does include BBC America, and I can renew a tradition I had when I was a youngster. That is the tradition of faithfully parking my butt in [...]

Amazing Grace

I have heard it performed by many folks and in many ways but this is about as good as it gets.

That little girl is [...]

Fox News

You gotta [...]

The Clock

My sister sent me The Clock via email.

Man this world goes through one hell of a lot [...]

Booker T Jones & the Drive-By Truckers

I ran across this looking for something to watch. So, John A Arkansawyer, & [...]

You can have Garrison Keillor when you pry him…

I guess I have to be the contrarian here. You see, I generally agree with CC’s complaints against GK, and the similar sentiments expressed at Chalice Spark. Well… I can’t say that without the caveat that I haven’t investigated all of it very deeply and did not even click through to read the recently objectionable [...]

TeeVee allows me to watch television shows. There are several I enjoy, of varying quality. One of the ones I enjoy the most is Lie to Me (which I’ve mentioned before). The premise is neat. I especially enjoyed the first couple of episodes in season one, because they made a big point [...]

Steps – film noir for your internet browser – from Chattanooga

Steps is still in production, but there’s a trailer for you later in the post. Via, Chattarati (if you aren’t reading them already, you should be).

If your interests include any of the following:

Film noir
Homegrown media
Life in the South
Life in a small town
Life in Chattanooga
Using technology to bring media that doesn’t have to be produced [...]

Frederic the poet

Frederic. That’s the middle name of a poet/songwriter who I believe belongs in the very top class of those so engaged.

He has Bob Dylan’s skill with building thoughts, feelings, and pictures out of words, rhyme and cadence – but his voice is gorgeous and his musical skill matches his poetry.

His father used a stage name [...]

Free Range Mystiks

What: Free Range Mystiks
World Beat featuring Roger Davis on percussion, Rich Dwyer on diatonic & chromatic harp and vocals, Jesse Blu on eight string electric bass, and singer-songwriter Steve O’Neil on guitar and vocals.

Where: Blacksmith Bistro living room, across the street from the Incline railroad in St Elmo

When: Thursday, July 30 starting about 8:00 (to 8:30) [...]