Video Game School

I will lay odds that this, or something substantially like, it will soon revolutionize education worldwide. Ummm, I’d like to add another 500 words to fill out this endorsement, but just read the NPR article (and/or listen to it). I’ve seen the power of video games – first hand, and a very close second hand [...]

The Clock

My sister sent me The Clock via email.

Man this world goes through one hell of a lot [...]

Science Literacy != Science Trivia

I’ve said so before before, and given my thoughts on what does qualify there.

Now The Intersection seems to agree and asks for more thoughts on what constitutes science literacy.

But mainly I just linked for the groovy cartoon.

Anyway, I’ll just re-iterate that science literacy means ability to solve problems using mathematical & scientific tools, basic understanding of [...]

Science Trivia Illiteracy

I saw this bit bemoaning “science illiteracy”. Reading it, I was reminded of Feynman’s Map of the Cat story. Relevant excerpt:

I began to read the paper. It kept talking about extensors and flexors, the gastrocnemius muscle, and so on. This and that muscle were named, but I hadn’t the foggiest idea [...]