The Laffer Curve

Been wondering about this for a long time… I never had any doubt that we sat firmly on the left side of the curve, but I’ve never seen anyone actually do the math. Well, cosmology blogger Sean Carroll apparently has access to more than just the abstract of a paper which does so, and he gives [...]

Converting to the Catholic…

… economic and government theory?

Am I wrong in being unable to suppress my enthusiasm for the largely European Catholic supported alternative economic theory of distributism? I believe I’ve linked the Front Porch Republic – the American outlet for this point of view – more than once before… but go read this, and tell me where it [...]

Distributism Part 5

At the end of the day, there’s probably a very huge gap separating me & these guys… They invoke the words of various Popes in support of their arguments, after all. And European racists invoke their theories. But they certainly have a keen eye for the difficulties in modern economics. Some teasers from Part 5:

Another [...]

Distributism v Capitalism

The people who argue that “capitalism works” are the same people who argue that we should have less government interference in the market. Now, I am all for less government; however, the plain fact of the matter is that capitalism cannot function without this interference; capitalism relies on an expanded state to balance aggregate supply and [...]

Building a Servile Class

I’m fond of my employers. Ok – to be honest, I don’t know much about the board, but I know several of the execs, including the CEO. I like most of them. I even like the one who closed a quarterly meeting not long ago with a prayer thanking the almighty for our company and [...]

My Tax Protest

So far, my federal taxes are slightly down again this year – reflected in a small decrease in federal withholding on my pay stubs starting a few weeks ago. And, I’m not incensed that Roger’s taxes are going up by 3%, and neither is he. So, I guess I won’t be going to the [...]

In My Utopia

One of the great failures of Capitalism is that so much of our capital – and our employment opportunities – belong to people far removed from the real economy of work. One of the great failures of Communism, with its laudable goal of giving control of the “means of production” to the workers, was that [...]

How the Stock Market works

This pretty much explains it to me.

Then my boss sends me this link via email this morning telling me how terrifying it is.

Sometimes you are just so much better off when you don’t understand shit.

I am living proof that ignorance [...]

Going Galt

Well, it looks like we have our first Captain of Industry going ‘Galt’. And we all thought they were bluffing. Only, Rick Wagoner doesn’t seem especially happy about it.

Whatever the merits and hazards of the .gov offering GM solvency in exchange for the head of their CEO, my inner torch-bearing mob is kind of happy [...]

Instant Bankout Education

Nobel Prize-winning Paul Krugman despairs over the plan as he understands it now (we’ll see if that changes now that we have an “official” unveiling”).

Also-very-smart Brad DeLong shares a less popular but sunnier outlook and offers an FAQ. He also reassures us that if toxic assets are not already fundamentally under-valued, “then we have worse [...]