Obama First Month: Fail

OK. I have been reading a lot of Obama apologia in the last couple of weeks. And, I understand. I really do. We all want the long national nightmare to really be over, and if that means squinting our eyes until the current administration looks good then so be it, right?

I’ve also [...]

Meet The New Boss

Same as the old boss.

At this point, it’s becoming clear that closing Gitmo is just window dressing, and that Obama has no intention of honoring the rule of law:

“Do you believe we are at war?” Graham asked.

“I do, Senator,” Kagan replied.

Graham cited the example of someone who is not carrying a gun or fighting on a [...]

Meet the New Boss

Same as the old boss.

I actually laughed as I walked out of the kitchen at work this morning – Fox News was playing out a program with a view of the White House and The Who playing ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

I’m still trying to pay attention to things that matter to me. I don’t give [...]

More reflections

I don’t pretend to understand Hillary Clinton’s motivation for being stubborn about endorsing Obama. I don’t claim to know why she doesn’t take the dignified approach.

But all of this hand-wringing over it is ridiculous. She has her reasons and she has her supporters. She has a right to do this thing as she pleases [...]

Reflections on the Presidential Race

After watching John McCain and Barack Obama make their respective cases on Democratic nomination night, my thinking is somewhat changed.

First, I realize for the first time that Republicans – the hard core, conservative Republicans who have trouble imagining anything worse than a Democratic Presidency – must be feeling now much the same way I was four [...]

T-T-T Declares Obama Winner of Pledged Delegate Race

… we do so belatedly, because we have been busy with other things. We only speak for smijer, though we expect jadarm & Buck concur.

Excluding Michigan and Florida, Obama has won the pledged delegate race. With 86 pledged delegates remaining unsecured, Obama leads Clinton by 161 delegates. If Clinton wins all of the uncommitted pledged delegates [...]

Wright Update

This helps. Probably not enough… Hold on to your wallets – the current economic crisis is just going to gather speed under McCain. Two side notes — 1) It’s good to see the kind of religion where the parishioners aren’t afraid to call their preachers out for nonsense. 2) Chuck B. – I feel kind [...]

Reason# 413 McCain will be the next POTUS…

… and our long national nightmare will continue…

Barack Obama’s pastor.

It’s a shame really. I wonder if Jeremiah Wright will get a footnote when “The Decline and Fall of…” book is written.

Update: I should add… the focus of this post is about the weird cultural reasons that this country will continue to self-destruct over the next few [...]

Juxtaposing substance and style, sort of…

At the outset, both candidates did well in the debate last night, both produced what they needed to produce, and, I think, Hillary won it by a narrow margin.

Barack did something that will help him with a lot of skeptics who want to want him, but are fearful of a cult of personality. He showed his [...]

Let’s talk about South Carolina, Barack, and Sweet Caroline

I have to say I’m very tickled about Saturday’s result. I still have some reservations about Obama, and he still has a long uphill climb to get to the nomination. But, it is hard to argue with a win like that one. The one blemish on last night’s result is that Edwards couldn’t pull [...]