*Caveat* This is not a criticism of religion. I have plenty of those, but that isn’t what I’m about here – this is a discussion of tribalism in human thinking, pure and simple. */Caveat*

Via Kleinheider comes a survey that takes up a question very similar to one I was talking to my friend about just [...]

Families In My Utopia

In my utopia, single people would do as they please, but when they started thinking about raising children, they would settle down in families. The families would be situated as close as possible in their home to their work environments, so that the two blended together and even long hours put in at work would [...]

It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Except that isn’t, in fact, ironic. It is, however, ironic that I received an Action Alert from the American Family Association today, asking me to be sure to see the important message from Newt Gingrich.

Of course I’ve always thought that the American Family Association was an ironic name since the biggest families-related program is geared [...]

Headline and Nanny State Abuse of the Day

Is There A First Amendment Right To Fart?

A Lakeland eighth grader, accused of breaking wind while riding a school bus, has been suspended for three days from bus transportation in the Polk County school district.

The 15-year-old boy was written up on a misbehavior form by the bus driver, accusing him of intentionally farting to make the [...]


I agree that this was both a mean thing to say, and an incorrect one. I’ll add my own comment – that the Girl Scouts have a bit of an advantage in my book because they serve, and teach service to, girls. As opposed to only heterosexual, religious girls. In that regard, they have a [...]


I don’t know what this means, but I really like how it sounds.

I’ve had some secret, muddled thoughts and I think I hear an echo of them. And I don’t know what else to think yet. I know there has to be a healthier, more natural way of making an economy that affirms life and where [...]

Interesting approach…

The real story here is a self-described atheist couple behaving very unethically. But what I found remarkable was the quote at the end:

He added that a special ceremony would be held to purify the confession box.

What kind of ceremony gets up that kind of stuff, anyway? If it’s my confession booth, I’m going to [...]

At the Death House Door

We’re probably going to have to wait on this to hit DVD. I doubt a Chattanooga theatre will run it.  But anyway… the trailer will follow.  Not before a note about a recent study re-confirming the ongoing racism in the death culture. Nothing in the study or in my own experience helps me discern whether [...]

If our orbit wuz elliptical

We’d all be dead.

Oh no! Wait! This is terrible news. I guess now that we’re all dead, biologists will never explain how our feet evolved the ability to stick to gravity!

But, seriously, folks… It’s pretty obvious that the line of reasoning that the producers of Expelled mangle so badly is the “fine tuning” argument, and for [...]


Over the next few weeks, we’ll all figure out that the Democratic Party nominee for POTUS is Barack Obama.

Then, over the following months, we’ll all figure out that John McCain is the next POTUS. That’s unless 51% of us figure out that John McCain will govern in exactly the same manner as 71% of us [...]