Ur Doing it Wrong!

One News Now (of Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials fame) still has an anti-gay streak (in the sense that a one-trick pony has a one-trick streak). But they haven’t gotten much better at it. Leading their denunciation (link disabled due to malware at ONN – URL is if you feel lucky) of [...]

Draw Wrong Mohammed Day

I screwed up. I thought it was Draw Mohammed Bouyeri Day. So, this is what I toiled away for:

So… anyway… The best compilation is at Friendly Atheist.

I began disapproving of the project on the grounds that it’s wrong to poke millions of people in the eye to express disapproval of a couple hundred asshole extremists.

I’ve been [...]

Fake Weed

I guess this gives new meaning to potpourri

And forty bucks for 3 grams? Holy free-market Batman!

Ain’t it amazing how much folks are willing to spend in order to hallucinate [...]

So, Who Would You Drink A Beer With?

I was pondering this poetic question all day long today, …and although my conclusions may not be quite poetic, …well, they are mine nonetheless.

I will not limit the criteria to the living, however morbid some of you might think of drinking beer with a corpse may be, I want to give the question a bit of [...]

Devil His Due

For all his many faults, Obama still does as good a job as anyone at explaining and communicating important ideas. On the hate crimes law, he makes a helluva lot more sense than the detractors – not just the silliness about “they’re going to round up all the Preachers!” He doesn’t address the libertarian argument [...]

Revisiting Ralph

In my younger years, I carried Ralph Waldo Emerson in very high esteem. This was before my conversion to Unitarian Universalism. In fact, a friend of mine, whom I carried in very high esteem, spoke highly of RWE and lent me a copy of some essays to read. I was instantly hooked. I’ve kept copies [...]

Except Gambling is Immoral

I like Ed’s offer… It’d be nice if those making noises about the hate crime bill would put their money where there mouth is. If they sincerely believe that the hate crimes bill will be used to stifle the kind of hate speech* that is de rigeur from evangelical ministers from the pulpit, then why [...]

Frederic the poet

Frederic. That’s the middle name of a poet/songwriter who I believe belongs in the very top class of those so engaged.

He has Bob Dylan’s skill with building thoughts, feelings, and pictures out of words, rhyme and cadence – but his voice is gorgeous and his musical skill matches his poetry.

His father used a stage name [...]

Crazy Pool Winner

Alright – every one that bet on “It’s already happened, you idiot”, come collect your prize. You can also have the 2:1 payout on the Not Michelle Bachman… as far as I know the only nationally elected official to advance the euthanasia trope in July was Virginia Foxx of NC:

So Kudos to Rep. Fox for [...]

Up is Up

Via Post Politics, a statement from the TN Libertarian Party on marriage:

[...] Same-sex couples face numerous federal policies of discrimination, ranging from the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to gender-based tax penalties. The Defense of Marriage Act, passed by a Republican Congress and signed by Democrat Bill Clinton, denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages. The [...]