Meet the new boss…

This is my tipping point. Unless and until sanity returns to the American political system, I will not participate in it in any capacity. The only exception is the possibility that a sane third party arises with a credible promise of reform. That is all. [...]

Sign Says Anybody Caught Trespassing…

Lobbyists have every incentive to try to beat disclosure laws, and they will find a way.

My solution? Put the burden on the office-holders. Require them to disclose any lobbyist or quasi-lobbyist efforts that are communicated to them. Snoop & snitch to ensure compliance, and penalize according to a sliding scale of severity based on number [...]

Way more interesting than IN and NC

The news today is this:

Among the office’s recent inquiries was whether former White House political director Karl Rove and others improperly used U.S. agencies to help elect Republicans.

Mr. Bloch’s investigation of the White House political operation began after a Rove deputy gave a series of political presentations to government agencies on Republican prospects in specific congressional [...]

More bad news for Belichick!

Belichick has said that he misinterpreted the league’s bylaws, telling Goodell that he thought it was permissible to use electronic equipment as long as the information was not used in the same game.

…yeah, for for the last 7 years including 3 NFL Championships.

“The rules are very, very clear. There is no need to be more specific [...]


Maybe so, but not such a great strategy when there isn’t a referee anywhere in the world willing to count the [...]

Anybody But Bill Frist

I can’t add anything to what Alice said here. It seems impossible to find any redeeming character in Bill Frist. Yes, he finally came off his position that embryos must be burned in the incinerators to keep the scientists from learning anything useful from them… I guess we can say that in his favor, [...]

Brushing Off the Button

It’s 12 days now, or thereabouts, that the Democrats have controlled Congress. Having fumigated the old stink of corruption from the GOP side, it’s time to start the sniffers up for early signs of Democratic putrescence. So far, we have a minor ding for Harry Reid – worth John Cole dusting off the Democratic [...]