Ashamed to be a Tennessean

Today, I [...]

The first GW

George Washington by Horatio Greenoug, Photo by Claire Houck, Creative Commons licensed

Riding in the car the other day, I tuned in a segment on the radio that amounted to #1 a hagriography of George Washington, #2 an argument that he was a little-”o” orthodox and devout Christian, and #3 a lamentation that GW was [...]

Pitting the First Amendment Against Itself

I really don’t think that the right of free speech should belong to the government, or for that matter, any other “institution”. It belongs to people.

Worse yet to give that right to the government in such a way as to undermine freedom of religion for the people the government is supposed to [...]

Unholy Alliance

or the manifestation of The Will of God ?

Hillary C versus Rudy G!

This is gonna [...]

Buzz Thomas

10 Things Your Minister Wants To Tell You (But Can’t Because He Needs the Job) for the “steeple dropouts” who grew up on organized religion, as well as for the millions of Americans who, each Sunday, recite ancient creeds about virgin births and bodily resurrections, all the while feeling just a tad unconvinced.

Rev. Oliver Thomas is [...]

Jew Defends Muslim from Dumbass

The NJDC gives Dennis Prager a much deserved ass-whoopin over this demonstration of the dumb.

While the NJDC sets the history straight & addresses the constitutional “question” quite well, what struck me was this part:

The answer is obvious — Ellison is a Muslim. And whoever decides these matters, not to mention virtually every editorial page in America, [...]

Reason #5832 to Join the UU

Because religion gets all the breaks.

That is, at least until the bad religions manage to declassify us, even we non-believers can get on the bandwagon. And we might as well. If you are into schadenfreude, it’s nice to know that when the religious right lobbies on behalf of state sponsored religion, they have [...]