Safe Captain, Unhinged Busybodies

John Cole finds plenty of dumb to go around in the aftermath of the Pirate story. And there is plenty of dumb to go around.

Let me back up. I followed the pirate story closely – it was pretty dramatic and scary. I’m very glad it had a happy ending. I didn’t say anything [...]

Boortz {Hearts} the Nanny State

Shorter Boortz: Boortz:

If you don’t make it illegal for people to make dumb suicidal choices, their blood is on your hands.

P.S. I like mandatory seatbelt laws and I think that they are consistent with an enlightened freedom-loving system. After all, as Boortz points out, they are public roads (the public monopoly on roadways does little to [...]

Who Holds the Slobber Bucket?

While Neal “is just saying”?

Will there be any griping and moaning about the $2 billion WalMart has just awarded its employees? Probably not. And do you know why? Because that money went to hourly employees. And to wealth-envy Americans, these are the people that really deserve the bonuses.

Ummm… Or that Wal-Mart didn’t just take a hundred [...]

Dirty Sock Alert

Neal needs one.

(In case you missed it this weekend, I’m referring back to an earlier [...]


I’m glad Neal Boortz added a comments section to his blog. I’m especially glad that he doesn’t censor them. Every day he posts something or another that, if you read it, slowly kills any faith you may have in humanity or reason. And, every day, at least one or two people point out [...]

War Everywhere? Economy in the Tank? Looming Climate Crisis?

Then let’s talk about broadcast media regulations!

It is desperately time for a third party in this country, when one of the two “major ones” can get so focused on byzantine broadcast regulations.

It was weird how this came up. Nobody – I mean nobody was talking about the Fairness Doctrine or, truthfully, any other broadcast regulation [...]

Boortz v dKos (DHinMI) on Executive Compensation

Two recent quotes. One from Neal Boortz, one from DHinMI of Daily Kos. Can you tell which reads like it’s borrowed from the Cliff Notes of Atlas Shrugged? Which makes more sense?

Quote #1:

These new rules are certain to do two things. First, as I explained earlier this week, the new rules will make [...]

CBC – Conservatives Being Candid

Lot’s of humor in this Boortz article about morality in business despite the fact that I don’t strongly disagree with him on his point. The humor is that Senator Grassley can’t have an opinion on Microsoft’s “moral obligations” because the company doesn’t belong to him. Boortz, on the other hand… I can only assume his [...]

Obama = Communist

Well. It did not take Boortz long to jump on the Obama = Communist train.

And this is not going to get anything but worse and worse and worse.

As crazy as it sounds I think the Obama = Antichrist meme will grow legs and run through the area of the country I live in. Folks around here [...]

Income ?= Intelligence

Boortz says on January 21, 2008,

The median age of voters in the 2008 election will be 44 … and for Hillary voters, they will be single women and the uneducated. How does that make you Hillary supporters feel? Every study that’s been done has shown that Hillary supporters make less money .. that mean’s [...]