Bible Podcasts

This post is a plug for two podcasts that have kept me entertained on a number of car-rides over the past few months. If you have any interest at all in the Bible or early Christianity, I can’t recommend them enough. There’s a fair amount of overlap on subject matter, at least where it concerns [...]

Red Letter Day

I was messing around just yesterday in some old emails that I still have and realized that it was exactly 5 years ago today that Smijer sent me an email inviting me to be a co-blogger on this site.

My how time flies when you are having fun. Smijer and I are two guys brought together by Neal Boortz [...]

The Ice Cream Truck!

Yeah, the guy (or girl, …who the hell knows?) drives through here like clockwork at 4:30 pm every single day. Problem is…he/she is driving 55 mph when he/she does so.

What the hell are we supposed to do if we want an ice cream or something?

Shoot flares up into the air when we start to hear the [...]


I’ve added a plug-in that will allow you to edit your own comments within 30 minutes of posting. Unfortunately, the edit icon doesn’t appear as soon as you post – you have to refresh the page to get it.

I’ve also added a button to make it even easier to add this site to your Google [...]

Housekeeping: kill some plugins?

Trying to jazz up the reading experience a smidgeon here. Unintended consequences are mainly that pages are slow to load. Here’s what’s new and expendable – leave a note if you have a preference on what gets the axe:

Related posts – probably the slowest element, but only loads on individual posts (not the front page).

Post [...]

Bart turns 5

One of my favorite daily reads is Barth’s Notes on Religion. . I still haven’t quite figured out Mr. Bartholomew’s politics or his religion, though I’m a lot closer now than I was when I first heard of him.. and I can certainly tell what he ain’t. What I see for sure is that he loves [...]

Update on blog feeds

I added HotAir (at least for now), Ace of Spades, and Facing South. Thanks for the input, everyone – especially [...]

After the Captain Walks the Plank

Say goodbye to Captain’s Quarters, the erstwhile home of Bush Deadender (humor, people) Ed Morrisey. He’s joined up with Michelle Malkin’s aptly named Hot Air.

That may not mean much to you, but to me, it means a vacancy on my RSS aggregator sidebar. I try to keep up with at least a few conservative [...]

Guilty until proven innocent ?

Baseball great Roger Clemens and former trainer Brian McNamee appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to give, under oath, two completely different versions of the same story.

1. Should they have been there in the first place?

Well, maybe. When you consider that prior attendees have been Jose Canseco, Mark McQwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel [...]

Toys in the Attic

RW is suspending business indefinitely, and that makes me sad. Cheers to you, RW & all the best in everything you do. Come back if and when you can – you’ll have plenty of folks eager [...]