Strong Words

Father Stephen presents a critique of the Protestant Reformation, especially the doctrine of sola scriptura, in terms of Apostolic succession.

You all know where I stand on these matters… I see the necessity of using the historical critical method to understand the meaning of the writers and to approximate an understanding of the historical events behind [...]

Nothing to See Here

Yesterday’s rant and subsequent tempest has left me with little urge to blog. But, in case they would be lost in the recommended reading column, I’d like to point out some static pages I recently found at April DeConick’s blog that are – at least to me – thought provoking. Her take on the [...]

Placing Paul / Thinking Out Loud

Subscribing to a number of bloggers who belong to Biblioblogs keeps me busy realizing how much I don’t know. I say this by way of making clear that this is a “thinking out loud post” – not a “here’s how it is” post, and also to give me an opportunity to say how grateful I am [...]


Ok, so I don’t flatter myself that I’m an entertainment critic, and I recognize that network TV is a pretty low-brow medium.

And, I reckon that anybody who cares to burn time watching network TV probably already knows what options they have out there and has sampled the fare currently available.

But for those of [...]

James Ossuary

The so-called “James Ossuary” from a few years back is in the news again. Ben Witherington speculates on the significance of the “discoverer’s” vindication in court, and the possibility that the “brother of Jesus” inscription is ancient (in the sense of more than 100 years old). He seems to see importance here.

I just don’t. [...]

Not the review I would have written

Buzz Thomas visited Chattanooga a year or two back & a dear friend* invited me to accompany him and his wife to a book signing event. I picked up a copy… breezed through it, then set it aside. I found it pretty weak tea, with a propensity to overstate some issues, understate others, and to [...]

Witherington on Ehrman: IV

I thought part III was the last installment… If Witherington keeps up this pace, he might be well served just to publish his rebuttal in book form.

On the other hand, if he had stopped with part III, he might have left a whole that was substantially stronger. Part IV is decidedly apologetic in tenor… rather [...]

Extremely Brief Essay on Pseudonymity

During Paul Harvey’s lifetime, numerous sayings or writings were attributed to him and circulated under his name. Today we have the convenience of Snopes to help us sort out if they are correctly attributed, even now many people believe in Paul’s authorship & continue to circulate the letters under his name. 2000 years from now, it [...]

Back to Belief & All

Ok, picking up where we left off last week discussing belief, specifically on the Biblical angle, I’d like to add in just a note about a theory of salvation that there wasn’t room to discuss in the previous post. This is the theory that Matthew and James could support salvation by faith plus “works”.

Rabbit trail – [...]

Signs to Follow

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

If we are playing 7 degrees of [...]