Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

World being the key word here folks.

I am going to just throw some names out:

T.O.  (Terrell Owens)

Chad Ochocinco

Bill Belichick

Barry U.S. Bonds

Mike Tyson

Jeff Kent


Roger Clemens (Remember Piazza?)

Pete Rose

Steve Spurrier (Yes, he was in the NFL and ran up the score when he could, he ultimately paid the price for his actions.)

Scott Boras

Kobe Bryant

Michael Vick

Bill Romanowski

David Beckham

Jim Rome

…This is pretty much what I came up with, I am going to do my best to list them, in my opinion, from worst (10) to worst-EST (1).

Here is my top 10:

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