Chipper Jones will not finish his career in Atlanta!

Newsflash huh?

Nope, it is my belief that if the “boy-wonder” retired today he would finish his career in Cooperstown in 2015.

He currently stands as possibly the best 3rd baseman in Atlanta history and perhaps Braves history. He is also one of the top 3 most prolific offensive switch-hitters of all time. One can only wonder, if [...]

With batting and pitching, the follow-through is everything

I hope jadarm will forgive me for this post… It’s just that I have a thing about trying to remember to check predictions… What good are predictions that nobody ever checks? I don’t think jadarm did badly… and he offered plenty of qualifications for that 92 wins for the Braves quasi-prediction. He told me in [...]

Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

World being the key word here folks.

I am going to just throw some names out:

T.O.  (Terrell Owens)

Chad Ochocinco

Bill Belichick

Barry U.S. Bonds

Mike Tyson

Jeff Kent


Roger Clemens (Remember Piazza?)

Pete Rose

Steve Spurrier (Yes, he was in the NFL and ran up the score when he could, he ultimately paid the price for his actions.)

Scott Boras

Kobe Bryant

Michael Vick

Bill Romanowski

David Beckham

Jim Rome

…This is pretty much what I came up with, I am going to do my best to list them, in my opinion, from worst (10) to worst-EST (1).

Here is my top 10:

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*Who is your all-time/all-star baseball team?

Now, to put this in context…I listen to ESPN on the radio (1370 AM locally for those of you that are interested) and it comes in just a little bit louder than the Rap station that is right next to it so…well, more often than not, I can understand what the hell they are saying.

They came [...]

MLB 2009 Predictions

Ok folks! We are well into April now and spring training is coming to a close. It is time for me to make my “2nd annual” predictions on the upcoming MLB season.

Now, we have had some outstanding dark horse teams over the last few seasons, teams that virtually no one saw coming. Like the Rockies in [...]

Atlanta Braves 2009 Predictions

A sports show on a local Talk Radio station has recently called me insane!

Yes, I know I am insane, and YOU know that I am insane…but how do these bastards know that?

Dr. Basketball (Gary Haskew), Quake (Scott McMahan), and Cowboy Joe (who earns his pay by trying to insert something into the conversation very quickly every [...]

Tex to stay in Atlanta?

The AJC’s Terrence Moore stated Saturday that the Braves intend to keep Big Tex throughout the remainder of the season. Moore listed two reasons for keeping him. 1. The Braves are still in the hunt for the playoffs. 2. He is one of the best first basemen in the game.

My take on the first point is [...]

Iron Man

Well, that seems to be what is in the media today. I would personally love to see the movie because I was a Marvel comics fanatic when I was a kid (no, …not DC…Marvel)

I am not going to talk about Tony Stark though…I am going to talk about the Iron Man record held by Cal Ripken [...]

Bonds in Atlanta?

Well, what are the possibilities?

“Jeff Borris (Bonds’ agent) said no team has made any kind of offer to Bonds, even at the league minimum. Borris might not take $400K for Bonds, but he’d listen.” …this courtesy of

He’d listen??

Barry Bonds is a tragedy. Had he not ever been implicated in the PED’s phenomenon in the [...]

Smoltz and Jones “fish” for a win!

“I have never seen Chipper start a season the way that he’s starting. He’s certainly carrying us. We really could have nine or 10 wins. But without him, we might not have six. He’s carrying us and he’s hot. You know everybody else around him will get hot. And you know when that happens, we’ll be [...]