Well, here we go again…

UPDATE: Frank Wren has just traded Omar Infante and Mike Dunn to Fredi’s former team for right handed slugger Dan Uggla. One thing I will say about this…GM Frank Wren does not sit on his hands. If he manages to get a 3 to 4 year reasonable deal out of Uggla then he has just mugged the Marlins.

1st. I would love to wish my best to my buddies for their MIA  and I hope all is well. I know it’s not entirely their fault, but this blog is way too good to go awol without them. I hope Smijer and Buck come back soon cuz u guyz know I will crash and burn on my own…lol.

2nd. Are you happy for Michael Vick’s showing against the Rival Redskins or sick by his first half record breaking performance tonight?…in the rain in a visiting stadium against a long standing icon with the Eagles by the name of Donovan? I am a die-hard Falcons fan and would not see him back in the black…but still, the man served his time. So long as he don’t feed puppies to hungry pit-bulls then the future seems bright for him. People make mistakes and society has dictated that he has paid his dues. I am happy for him.

3rd. Fredi Gonzalez taking over for Cox? I saw that one coming 7 months ago. He is a protege’ of Bobby but will dress out his players into the media…something Cox wouldn’t do. I guess we will see how that turns out.

4th. Terry Pendleton has been relegated to first base coach and infield instructor due to the firing of Glenn Hubbard by the new manager Fredi Gonzalez. I wonder how that will turn out. Terry is firey. He will crawl that ass if necessary, Glenn wouldn’t. We will just have to wait and see how the new hitting coach, Larry Parish, that was brought along with Gonzalez will pan out…especially with Nate McClouth and the J-Hey Kid!

5th. Pitching and up the middle defense is what used to win championships. We had the starting pitching and a helluva bullpen but no gloves whatsoever….so……. HOW THE HELL DID WE MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS??? Maybe we could swap a Jair Jurrjens for a Colby Rasmus, move McClouth to left and leave Heyward in right. That should certainly help the power and obps, the outfield power ranking of course among the the least in the league. Truth be told, I was extremely proud of our obp. We were among the most patient hitters in the NL, but when you don’t possess speed or power in the middle of the lineup it takes the fuse out of the firecracker.  Kawakami has already been put on waivers. He is now in double A ball just waiting on the first Japanese team to eat at least HALF the payroll we owe him for this remaining year of his contract.

6th. Who knows how Venters and Kimbrel will amount to without Wagner having their 6? I’ll take my chances though, these guys are amazing.

7th. Chipper Jones. I love him, he is the face of the franchise…but cummon, do you really seeing him producing for the numbers he is making? I want him to go out gracefully, if possible, but that isn’t always the case. Our organization could use him in exponential ways.

8th. Look at our kids guys, …a 21 year old in RF, a 21 year rookie at 1st base, a 27 year old future batting title winnier in  Prado at 2nd base, and our 26 year old multiple all-star Silver Slugger award winning catcher Brian McCann, and other than Hudson and Lowe, we have a buncha kids in the rotation and closing out the bullpen. We are going to have to cut new manager Fredi Gonzalez some slack on the won-loss record…and we are going to have to give Frank Wren his due for making us competitive with a mid market range payroll while still stocking our farm system.

….The Braves are back to domination within 2 to 3 years!

………btw, how bout dem Dawgs!………………?   ;-) ))

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  • I am 100% behind Michael Vick and wish he would take the Eagles to the Super Bowl and win it. He did his time and he did a hell of a lot more of it than anybody else in that situation would have done.

    This has been the most disappointing Bulldog season I have ever lived through and yes I lived through Donnan and Goff. I think the reason it has been so disappointing for me is that I expected Georgia to be right in the thick of things all year. Coming into the season our weakest link was the red shirt QB. Our absolute strength was to be the offensive line. As it has turned out I am more impressed and happy with Aaron Murray than I was with Matthew Stafford. Murray is a competitive beast and as talented as any QB out there.

    Our offensive line has been weak and slow and for the most part just pushed around all year. I really thought they would crush most of the competition this year but it just has not turned out that way. In all honesty it has been a hard pill to swallow but swallow it I have. I love them dearly. I hope they beat Tech and go on and play a bowl game in Memphis or somewhere. I don’t care. And I am not at all on the “Fire Mark Richt” or “Fire Mike Bobo” train. But I would definitely get me a new man to head up Strength and Conditioning. I don’t know anything about anything but from my perspective the fact that we seem to tire easily and get pushed around on the line of scrimmage from start of the game until the finish tells me that we are not doing something right in the weight room.

    And God knows we could use somebody on the defensive line that could hold their own. Defensively we have got nothing in the middle. But I would rather go 0-12 than to play some asshole like Nick Fairley. That guy should be thrown out of college football. If you can’t play the game without being obviously dirty then to hell with you is what I say.

    Cam Newton is a beast. He is a fantastic football player. He can do it all. I wish him well. But my private thoughts about a player like Nick Fairley do not even need to be put into writing. After what I saw last weekend I will never pull for Auburn again as long as Gene Chizik is their coach. He is as classless as Fairley or he would have pulled Fairley out of the ball game himself instead of encouraging that kind of shit.

    Going forward I don’t care if Auburn is playing the Communist Muslims I would sit with the opposing fans with my hammer and sickle and wearing my keffiyeh and learn how to say “To Hell With Auburn” in Arabic.

  • /me watches a tumbleweed roll by….

  • I miss you guys!!!

    (Buck, how are you?)

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