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I will lay odds that this, or something substantially like, it will soon revolutionize education worldwide. Ummm, I’d like to add another 500 words to fill out this endorsement, but just read the NPR article (and/or listen to it). I’ve seen the power of video games – first hand, and a very close second hand – to bring out the problem solver in all of us. The problem with educational video games is that they are simply not very good, and they don’t sustain involvement over time. Structure one correctly over time, and contextualize the problem-solving elements properly, and use it for an hour or two a day, and you will have results never dreamed possible, from kids – including those who have little hope in traditional educational environments. Watch and see.

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  • Very interesting. I could not help but smile when I read the part about Creepytown going broke and the kids deciding to build a theme park to generate revenue.

    We may be flat of our ass but we are going to Six Flags!

    What they should have done was declared war on something or somebody for some reason.

    That always helps the economy.

  • RW

    Don’t even need to read the article, I know first hand. My 10 yr old son uses cool math games dot com as his only bookmark right now.

    And he’s the one who told ME about the site.

  • RW

    smijer, one of the reasons I love your site are the links on the right. Seeing Charles Johnson, yes THAT Charles Johnson, criticize someone for “rants that any and all criticism is off limits and cause for ostracism” is absolutely fantastic reading.

    I wonder if we had an independent person who counted how many comments & deleted accounts Charles executed for just those reasons – $10 says he leads the blogosphere – exactly how high the number would be? {of course, Kilgore Trout would infiltrate any blog reporting the count, putting forth racist comments so that Johnson could then say the reporting site was yet ANOTHER racist righty web site}.

    Seriously, though, of all people to feign righteous indignation over thin-skin & decrying ostracism…

    Just. Wow.

  • smijer, one of the reasons I love your site are the links on the right

    I second that. I love the links with your eye boogers. Always have.

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