Ur Doing it Wrong!

One News Now (of Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials fame) still has an anti-gay streak (in the sense that a one-trick pony has a one-trick streak). But they haven’t gotten much better at it. Leading their denunciation (link disabled due to malware at ONN – URL is if you feel lucky) of Presidential acknowledgement of non-traditional families is this photo…

"Gay Family" from One News Now

… of a happy, smiling family that includes two smiling gay dads and two smiling kids being loved by them. Titled “Gay Family”. Aren’t you supposed to give them horns and hooked noses?

Wildmon complains that people shouldn’t put the “twisted sexual desires” of adults ahead of the welfare of children. If he said twisted sexual taboos instead of desires, then he would be uttering the very condemnation of his little clan of busybodies that they most need to hear.

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  • RW

    I read “two fathers” to mean what is becoming increasingly the norm: kids from a divorced family where their biological parents both re-married & thus they, in essence, have two fathers. But, that’s just me.

    If the prez really did mean what those folks inferred, then, yeah, it’s a bit out of place. If you’ve already issued a proclamation about GLBT (I’ll never get the transgendered thing, btw) then it does reek a bit of overplaying a political trump card, but….meh. There are more important things in life to get upset about than people loving & caring for kids, no matter what they do in their bedroom.

    I’m more concerned with busybodies telling me what I can eat, drink, drive, etc.

  • The two moms or two dads won’t hurt the children at all.

    It is society that will make their lives a veritable hell. And that really is a shame but I don’t know of any way to change that. If little Johnny or little Suzy has two moms or two dads their home life is going to be the very least of their problems.

    I was born and raised in the south. Homosexuality is supposed to bother me. The fact of the matter is that for whatever inexplicable reason it just never has. I think entirely too much focus and attention is placed on the sexual aspects of the relationships and anybody who has ever been in any long term and meaningful relationship knows that the sexual aspects of that relationship are a very small and constantly shrinking (no pun intended) part of that relationship. These folks who are so sure that they speak for God make the assumption that the parents are going to be chasing each other around naked in the house while the kids watch in horror and it just does not work that way.

    As I have said before, if two guys want to get married and plant flowers and fight over the television remote I say good luck and go with God fellers. And if they want to take a couple of kids and try to keep them alive and out of jail until they are old enough to fend for themselves then again, good luck and go with God fellers. And I promise you that neither you or your kids will ever get even as much as a sideways glance from me. It will always be two thumbs up and I am pulling for you.

    Maybe it is just the libertarian part of me manifesting itself.

  • RW

    Okay, reread it & he was definitely meaning the gay parent thing. Still, meh. I expect that sort of thing from a liberal Democratic president, so anyone surprised is faking outrage.

    What next, fake surprise that a tax hike would be proposed?

  • jadarm

    Please, don’t anyone dare try to piss me off on this subject, I love all of you…but.

    People are people, they feel what they feel, …who the hell are “we” to judge exactly “what” they are supposed to feel.

    I’m sorry if someone has a problem with homosexuals…but if you do, it’s your problem and not theirs.

    Buck…I couldn’t have said it any better myself…even w/ smijer’s help.

  • I find it intersting that the only facet of a homosexual relationship the critics bring up is the sex life. Loving couples encompass so many other things: kindness, compromise, putting others first, etc; all things that kids should witness. Yet every gay couple represents nothing but sexual acts to some people.

    I find it funny that some close-minded people probably think about gay sex more than a gay couple does. Who’s the pervert now?

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