A Local Story

No one got shot, but this got a lot of attention around town yesterday, and it’s almost as bad.

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  • You need to send that over to Balko. He would get a kick out of it.

    I don’t know what it is with police officers these days. I do believe it is too much time watching programs like “COPS” where every citizen is an existential threat to the future of the world.

    It has not always been this way. A long, long time ago, probably about 1969 or thereabouts, my brother received third degree burns over a large percentage of his body after falling into a #3 washtub full of boiling hot water. I will never forget the chaos that followed as we got him loaded up into the car and headed for the hospital at a very, very high rate of speed.

    A city policeman put his blue lights on and my dad pulled over and just shouted out the window, “I have a boy in here who has been burned very badly”. I will never forget the police officer shouting back at him, “well why in the hell did you stop!!”

    The police officer then gave us a blue light escort to the hospital with the siren wailing. It was almost as good as an ambulance.

    Nowadays Daddy would have probably been shot and Mama tased and all of the kids turned over to DFACS.

    My how things have changed.

  • jadarm

    I got an escort once from an officer. I really appreciated his understanding and his willingness to help.

    I don’t blame the man for rushing his loved one to the ER. I guess I can also understand how our own police department has no comment.

    More gr8 news about our Chattanooga City police force.

    Way to go guys!

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