The Spider Farm Concert 2010

Well Uncle Al had the 2010 Spider Farm Concert and it was lots of fun. The weather was gorgeous during the day but it did get a little cold after the sun went down for an elderly guy who decided for some reason to wear shorts.

This year a couple of the tunes were posted up on youtube so here they are for your enjoyment.

Working Man Blues and Precious Lord.

That ain’t bad porch jammin’ in my opinion.

2 comments to The Spider Farm Concert 2010

  • Man, I forgot to watch these when I got home last night. I’m going to try again tonight & I look forward to it.

  • Very nice. I’ll save my grouching about Youtube and single crowd-mic videos… I can tell these folks are good at what they do, and I have to give them extra gold stars for their taste. You can’t do much better than one from Merle & one from Doc. Yeah, I know it ain’t Doc Watson’s piece, but he kind of took it over.

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