Selected Boogers Digest

Did I mention that these things pile up? Fast? No room to catch up all the boogers since a week ago, but some favorites follow:

Synthetic Genome+Natural Cell=New Life? | The Loom | Discover Magazine from

(Answer: not really… but an interesting release nonetheless.  And complete with a bunch of good links to Zimmer’s fantastic writing on the subject from the past)

Rekers and the Barbarism of Anti-Gay ‘Therapy’ from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

I’m not sure that anti-gay therapy these days is so barbaric, but the fact that this guy was not just tolerated but celebrated in the anti-gay right for so long speaks to a moral deficit of the highest order. That it would continue to be tolerated and celebrated if Reker’s rental boy vacation hadn’t come to light speaks further to this moral deficit. That Reker could have the career he had without his partner, James Dobson, figuring out that he was a raging closet case speaks to an intelligence deficit.

IOKIYNAM* from Obsidian Wings

It ‘s OK if you’re not a Muslim.

Hurt Locker producer: criticizing our lawsuits makes you a moron and a thief from Boing Boing

Charges Dropped Against British Preacher from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

The British preacher who was arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin in England has had the charges dropped after a public outcry that included gay rights activists:

Who You Gonna Call? from Improv Everywhere

Kagan’s Political Advice: Does Principle Matter? : Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Humanoid robot officiates human wedding

Cars can be hacked (!)

Why N. T. Wright would not be asked to speak at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer event

Too much to excerpt – this one is a must read.

Learning from my Introductory Physics Class from Starts With A Bang

A must read for anyone interested in eductation, on either end of it.

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