Knocking Boots?

If Neanderthals are concerned, I think the better phrase is bumping uglies.

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  • If your ancestors are from anyplace other than Africa, you’ve got a little neanderthal in you. And so did your great-great-etc. grandma.

    This confuses me. I thought all of our ancestors were from Africa.

    But anyhow, as probably one of the most non-scientific people alive on the planet today there has never been any question in my mind that if neanderthals existed at the same time as humans there would be hanky-panky going on. As my grandmother once said, “A man will stick it in a hive of bees if it gets hard enough”

    That is what I based my theory on.

  • All of us have ancestors from Africa, but some of us have ancestors that are not from Africa. It’s not true for me, but it probably is for someone else near me to say “everyone in my family has ancestors from Tennessee, but some of us have ancestors from New York.” It’s just not the same ancestors. Anyone who *only* has African ancestors lacks Neanderthal DNA. Anyone who has *some* ancestors from other parts of the world probably has some Neanderthal DNA.

    All I have to say about your Grandma is, if you will forgive me, “potty mouth”.

  • … but she’s probably right… and that was probably a reasonable hypothesis on your part.

  • Potty mouth? Man, you should have heard Grandpa :-)

    Everything confuses me. Over at Balloon-Juice not long ago they had a post up about intelligence and in the comments it was made clear that intelligence and race cannot be defined.

    Then a few post later some guy says he wished poll data was broken down by race and I’m thinking man, I thought we had determined that race could not be defined.

    It ain’t easy being average.

  • I just re-read what I wrote. I got it kind of backwards… I hope you got the idea anyway.

  • Man I have never figured out how we got a poodle out of a wolf and I have watched the special program on dogs more than once.

    Sometimes it is just best to smile and nod in agreement.

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